Workshop on balancing children emotionally

New Delhi: KIIT World School organized a workshop for students and parents on “How to raise emotionally balanced children”. In which Meenu Chopra, (life coach and author), taught all parents how to emotionally balance children, make them happy, and to improve aggressive behavior among children.

Meenu Chopra said “Behavior is genetic, we pass it on our children. Many parents keep comparing their children with others, which leads to hatred, anger, anxiety, restlessness, and aggressive behavior among children. One should never complain in front of children, it makes them lonely in the future. We need to teach them that success and failure are equal and important. If the parents are emotionally balanced then only the children will be balanced.”

Neelima Kamarah KIIT Mentor said “We all know that we are in this corona time and this time so many emotional changes are happening and depression is automatically coming and this feeling we all are facing. We are standing at a crossroad where we don’t know what to do further. This type of session helps us to learn how to balance our emotions”.

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