Workshop on “Being Free -Reclaiming our innate power as a Woman” organized at Amity University

New Delhi: Amity Institute of Training and Development (AITD) under the leadership and guidance of Dr. Nitin Batra organized a women leadership workshop on “Being Free -Reclaiming our innate power as a Woman” at Amity University. The insightful workshop was conducted by Ms. Savithri Rao, Founder Fullcircle & Master Facilitator and Ms. Rhea, Executive Coach Co-Founder and CEO at Kabila Consulting Org.; Design consultant & Artist. Participants in the session were given an open platform to share hidden, unconscious ways in which women give their power away, lose their freedom and ways to regain it. The women participants were encouraged to reclaim their innate power of being free to explore the infinite possibilities inside them.

Ms Rao shared with the attendees that their thoughts create their realities. “We are all born powerful, whole and with deep wisdom”, said Ms. Rao. She stated that her purpose in life is to facilitate the process of rediscovering and living this gift.

Ms Rhea averred that this journey is about freedom. “We have caged ourselves in ways we don’t even think as cages at times. Let’s get together and discover the true essence of freedom for each of us. Women have given their wild side away and forgotten that being wild is listening to the heart and following it. It also unfolds to be authentic and live life to the fullest,” stated Ms. Rhea with the participants.

The soul stirring workshop aimed at deliberating upon aspects including what freedom in the context of women leadership really means; how freedom and power are interdependent; exploring your relationship with “power”; examine ways in which we consciously or unconsciously give our power away and what are some ways and practices to reclaim our full power. The attendees interacted virtually in groups and shared their questions and thoughts about freedom and how they allowed themselves to be tamed. They also shared their authentic selves and what they wanted to do if given an opportunity to be untamed. The participants gave free-wheeling responses and confessed their dreams and desires with each other. They also expressed their desire to explore more such sessions in the future to discover themselves.

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