Workshop on ‘Chemometrics and Evidence based Decision Making’ held at AMU

Aligarh: Informative discussions on how mathematical and statistical expressions used in chemometry provide insight into the methods for analyzing data were held at the Workshop on ‘Chemometrics and Evidence based Decision Making’ organised by the Department of Chemistry, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) in collaboration with the American Chemical Society (ACS) International Student Chapter and Foundation for Evidence-based Development in India (FEDI).

Shedding light on the use of empirical findings in government policy formulation, the Resource person of the workshop, Dr Daud Salim Faruquie, Secretary, FEDI pointed out that evidence based decision making and chemometrics are aimed at the welfare of society.

He spoke extensively on chemometrics based analysis and processing methods such as RCT, Meta-analysis, Systematic Review and Meta-Ethnography.

“Analyzed data will change the face of research studies if used correctly for policy making,” said Prof Qazi Mazhar Ali, Dean, Faculty of Science during the inaugural function of the workshop.

He added that the deliberations will help participants to understand how to develop measurement procedures and experiments and mathematical/statistical models for relating measurements made on a chemical system.

Presiding over the function, Prof Sartaj Tabassum, Chairman, Department of Chemistry emphasised that it is imperative to understand that Chemometrics is used as a proof for further studies as it describes the accuracy of chemical research.

Prof Anees Ahmad, Course Coordinator, Industrial Chemistry discussed the need for statistical operations in the field of chemical data.

Dr M Zain Khan, ACS Faculty Advisor provided an overview of the workshop; while Husnara Chauhan and M Waquaruddin Siddiqui extended the vote of thanks.

A quiz competition was also organised on the occasion.