Workshop on ‘Stress Management during Proximity of Examinations’ held in AMU

Aligarh: “Students should plan ahead, review what they have learned, think positive, do meditation, sleep well and have enough nutrition when examinations are approaching,” said Dr Naila Rashid, renowned psychologist from the Rehabilitation Council of India.

Dr Naila, a resource person of Student?s Counselling Centre, AMU counselled over 200 students, pursuing high school and senior secondary school at the Saiyyid Hamid Senior Secondary School, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) in a one-day workshop on ‘Stress Management during Proximity of Examinations.’

Addressing the students, she pointed out that senior school time is the most stressful phase of a student’s life and when that old familiar knot in their stomach tells them that exams are looming, students in general start suffering from anxiety.

Dr Naila emphasised that higher levels of stress cloud the way students think and get in the way of their rational thoughts; however, if students are de-stressed with proper counselling, their productivity increases eventually helping them in absorbing more information.

“It is imperative to have effective stress management programmes in schools as inadequate examination preparation, pressure from family and the fear of failure to do well in studies can cause substantial negative effects on academic and social success of students,” she said.

Mr S M Mustafa (Principal, Saiyyid Hamid Senior Secondary School) spoke on the importance of organising more such workshops. Prof Waseem Ali (Proctor, AMU) also graced the occasion.

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