Workshop on Verification of the news by Google organized in Sharda University

Noida: The Communications Department of Sharda University organized a one-day workshop called “Google News Initiative and Data Journalism” to increase understanding of the truth and quality of news on Friday, 22nd Feb. In addition to maintaining credibility in the field of news, knowledge, and video by Google in this workshop, various lectures and experiments of the new features, tools and dimensions used in the workshop, along with lectures, were presented in experimental.
Ritika Rastogi, who was working in Google gave detailed information on many topics in addition to cybersecurity, and its usefulness in the future, translating the fake news, Fake video, translation of any subject from one language to another. Apart from the Communications Department of Sharda, students from other departments of the university also attended the workshop. The program was inaugurated by the Vice Chancellor Prof. G. R. C. Reddy and Dean of School Prof. R.N. Mehra.

Speaking on this occasion, Dr. D. Amit Chawla, Head of the Department, highlighted the usefulness and dependence of Google while addressing the people and asked the experts about the many important questions related to the subject. Speaking on the occasion, Professor Mehra said that truth and truthfulness are important in the news so the news should be truthful and factual, and Google’s workshop contributes greatly to keeping it alive. At the end of the program, the Google expert and the invited speaker were given a memorable look memento. Students and present people got excited about this workshop and thanked for such an event.