World Breast Feeding Awareness Week at Dept of Amraz-e-Niswan-Wa-Atfal


Aligarh : Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery 2017 batch students, Abdullah Faizul Hasan and Ilma Nazim won the first and second prizes respectively in the poster-making competition to observe the ‘World Breast Feeding Awareness Week’ at the Department of Amraz-e-Niswan-Wa-Atfal, Faculty of Unani Medicine, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU).

Other events such as lecture series, spreading awareness through visual aids, pamphlet distribution and counselling of nursing mothers were also carried out.

“The breast feeding week is a grim reminder of the correlation between the diminished status of breastfeeding and rising health complications in children. The most natural, convenient and spontaneous way of feeding the new-borns has been progressively neglected over the years and is unfortunately substituted by inferior replacements marketed in the name of complete baby food due to variety of factors,” said Prof Suboohi Mustafa, Chairperson, Department of Amraz-e-Niswan-Wa-Atfal.

She stressed on the role and responsibility of the community at large to support breast feeding campaign.

Prof Syeda Aamena Naaz, Dr M Anas, Dr Diwan Israr Khan, Dr Fahmeeda Zeenat and Dr Abiha Ahmad Khan discussed how breast milk provides complete nutrition to newborns and holds many benefits for the mother-child dyad while protecting children against many common childhood illnesses.

They were speaking on ‘Protect Breast Feeding: A Shared Responsibility’, the theme for this year’s Breast Feeding Week.


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