World-class Education in Gaming Art & Design and Fine Arts comes to students in India

Mumbai: Ecole Intuit Lab is an institute of design, digital and strategy with 2 school campuses in India – Mumbai and Kolkata. The schools of design are based on global standards of education and experience, to enrich the minds of creative students by offering a unique program in Game Art & Design and Fine Arts. The program is a beautiful amalgamation of elements of art and design and evolving technologies in the field. The founders of Ecole Intuit Lab are educators based in Paris who have come together with the aim to nurture and develop creative enthusiasts in the field of education in India.

Bachelor of Game Art & Design is a three year full time immersive program with an additional year of an optional degree. The International diploma in Game Art & Design is a comprehensive training for aspiring gaming industry professionals, developed by Ecole Intuit Lab in collaboration with Ubisoft – One of the world’s renowned entities in the gaming industry. The program also offers an optional degree in international collaboration with Abertay University, Scotland to pursue a 4th year. Abertay University has been the pioneering institution for the gaming sector and a globally recognized benchmark for excellence.

The program has been curated to progressively train fresher’s in game development, from the basic fundamentals of art and design to becoming an industry-ready game designer. The learning extends from software, techniques to developing art expertise, interacting with industry experts and providing exposure to the production cycles and processes of games.

Bachelor of Fine Arts is another key program for students in India and is a four year program that prepares students in contemporary art. The program enables the students to channel their creativity and visual expression to share ideas and messages with the world. Learning extends from a variety of media and studio skills, development of personal practice and identity as an artist through apprenticeship, internship and exhibition.

Mr. Clément Derock, Co-Founder, Ecole Intuit Lab said, “The syllabus we offer at Ecole Intuit Lab constantly evolves to keep pace with changing technology, emerging start-ups and to create an innovative experience in design. In India it is a step towards the evolving field of education in gaming art and design and fine arts along with graphic design, digital and advertising. Ecole Intuit Lab understands the potential of the Indian market and is committed to creating ‘industry-ready’ students to meet the tremendous market needs.”

Ms. Rita Ashara, Dean of Ecole Intuit Lab, Mumbai added, “The unique curricula at Ecole intuit Lab will help the students to develop the right expertise for the art and design industry. Through our programs, the students get an opportunity to interact and learn from industry leaders and professionals and exercise their learning with practical internships and workshops. This will, therefore, enable the students to build a strong portfolio and become industry ready for various job opportunities in the industry. At Ecole Intuit Lab, we believe in providing a holistic approach in education that will help students to advance in every area– personal, social, and professional.”

Ms. Radhika Raut, 1st year Game Art and Design Student, Ecole Intuit Lab, Mumbai, “Being a part of Ecole Intuit Lab is an honor for me as I am extremely happy to be a part of the Game Art and Design program. I have always enjoyed and been addicted to playing games and now at Ecole, I am able to understand the art, design, software, and techniques that are involved in creating a game. This has not only helped me get closer to my passion but also has given me confidence in terms of pursuing a career in this field.”