World Creativity and Innovation Day – 21 April 2022

The concept of creativity is open to interpretation from artistic expression to problem-solving in the context of economic, social, and sustainable development. The World Creativity and Innovation Day (#WCID) 21 April, was established by the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 71/284 of 27 April 2017, to raise awareness around the importance of creativity and innovation in problem solving with respect to advancing the United Nations sustainable development goals 2030.

In the Preamble of this Resolution, the UN General Assembly:

  • Underlines the need to focus on the importance of micro -, small and medium-sized enterprises in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, in particular in promoting innovation, creativity and decent work for all,
  • Acknowledges that innovation is essential for harnessing the economic potential of each nation and the importance of supporting mass entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation, which create new momentum for economic growth and job creation and expand opportunities for all, including women and youth,

The Year 2021 was declared by the African Union, the AU Year of the Arts, Culture and Heritage: Levers for building the African we Want. This is in resonance with Aspiration 5 of Agenda 2063 that envisions “An Africa with a strong cultural identity, common heritage, shared values and ethics”. This is also to recognize the importance role of the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) in achieving the Agenda 2063 objectives of regional integration, inclusive and sustainable economic growth and development.

Furthermore, the United Nations General Assembly through its Resolution A/C.2/74/L.16/Rev.1, declared the Year 2021, the International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development to recognize the need to promote sustained and inclusive economic growth, foster innovation and provide opportunities, benefits and empowerment for all and respect for all human rights and to support developing countries and countries with economies in transition in diversifying production and exports, including in new sustainable growth areas, including creative industries.

In its third edition published in February 2022, the UNESCO Global Report “Re|Shaping Policies for Creativity: Addressing culture as a global public good” indicates that in countries where data exist, the revenue of the cultural and creative industries decreased by between 20% and 40% in 2020, and cultural and creative industries tended to perform worse than their national economies in general, thereby sustaining more damage than during any previous crisis (BOP Consulting, 2021). Thus, highlighting the importance of supporting the cultural and creative industries.

Based on the above and in support of the growing interest in Africa’s traditions witnessed during the recent years, whether it is the vibrancy of its various cultural identities or the high quality of the African savoir-faire and local know-how, especially in the fashion industry, the UN Namibia, the Government of the Republic of Namibia through the Ministry of Education Arts and Culture (MoEAC), in partnership with the African Development Bank (Fashionomics) and the Museum of Namibian Fashion, Katutura Fashion week, Museum of Namibian Fashion and College of the Arts are celebrating the World Creativity and Innovation Day for the first time on 21 April 2022 with a focus on Namibian and African Fashion. 

The day will provide an opportunity for Namibians to embrace the idea that innovation is essential for harnessing the economic potential of the country and that, innovation, creativity, and mass entrepreneurship can provide new momentum for economic growth and job creation. As a result, expanding opportunities for everyone, including women and youth.

The objectives of #WCID are to: 

  • Celebrate Namibia’s innovation and creativity.
  • Promote the role of Cultural and Creative industries to be part of economic growth strategies.
  • Provide enriching, entertaining, and educational opportunity for creatives.
  • Develop Partnerships that will accelerate the growth of the Namibian Cultural and Creative Industries.

Target Audience
World Creativity and Innovation Day brings together communities, artists, academics, fashion and arts lovers to celebrate the influence of Cultural and Creative industries on social cohesion and to learn about the impact of creativity and innovation on the country economic growth.

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