World Development Corporation gets honored at the British Parliament as the “World Leader In Corporate Governance, Innovation & ESG”

New Delhi – World Development Corporation (WDC) has been honored at the British Parliament for its outstanding contributions in Corporate Governance, Innovation, and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG). This prestigious recognition underscores WDC’s commitment to driving excellence across multiple sectors through its various divisions.

The Directors’ Institute – World Council of Directors (DI) is a major division in the field of corporate governance & ESG. Company’s mission is to enhance global board effectiveness, emphasizing Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) principles,” said Heval Mehta, MD of WDC Leadership School | Directors’ Institute – World Council of Directors. “This acknowledgment reflects our dedication to fostering robust corporate governance practices across the UK, India, and beyond.

Likewise, WDC’s I Square – Innovation and Incubation Division has been lauded for its pioneering efforts in innovation, consistently pushing the boundaries of technological advancements and incubating groundbreaking projects that have set new industry standards

Commenting on the recognition, Zeeshaan Pathan, Group MD & CEO of World Development Corporation, said, “We are deeply honored to receive this prestigious recognition at the British Parliament. This acknowledgment reaffirms our commitment to excellence in corporate governance, innovation, and ESG. Our dedicated teams across all divisions have worked tirelessly to achieve this milestone. As we continue to grow and expand our global footprint, we remain committed to driving positive change and contributing to the development of robust governance frameworks worldwide.”

“This recognition at the British Parliament not only solidifies WDC’s position as a global leader but also strengthens our resolve to contribute to other economies,” added Ayub Sheikh, MD – FinTech & Innovation at WDC.”Our plans to hire 1,000 more employees this year demonstrate our commitment to delivering innovative solutions and governance frameworks globally.”

Furthermore, WDC is currently engaged in tie-up discussions between the UAE and the Directors’ Institute – World Council of Directors. These discussions aim to establish corporate governance frameworks across different geographies, showcasing WDC’s global capacity and commitment to excellence. This ongoing collaboration and recognition are poised to grow WDC stronger, enabling it to contribute more significantly to various economies.