World Education Summit: Technology Integration In Classroom In Both School And College Is Vital For Future Jobs – Experts


New Delhi : Education in the country is vaulting into the digital era. Students today are using Facebook to create book report-related author pages, while teachers can Skype in experts for in-class science lessons. Class rooms are changing in big way, schools and higher educational institutes are responding and integrating new technologies in the class room.

“Technology is part of these student’s lives on a daily basis, so using a variety of social media and digital tools in their daily lives, that needs to be brought into the classroom. The days of dusty textbooks, graffiti , chewing gum, lessons that were both boring and unengaging are over . Today’s classroom looks very different, the latest advancements in technology and innovation are paving the way for an educational space that’s interactive, engaging and fun.” Said Chris Cobb, Pro-Vice chancellor and Chief Operating Officer , University of London, United Kingdom James Neill, Director GL Education, of United Kingdom, While speaking at the Two day World Education Summit , organised by Elets and Digital Learning , which concluded here today.

“If there is one thing educators world wide agree on is that the World is changing quickly and schools and higher education institutes need to equip students with skills to thrive in the cut and thrust of modern life. Every day business are adopting new technologies quickly and students have to adopt and cope up with the changing demand” said Sanjeev Maini, MD, Naesys Dimensions solutions, a Technology provider company for smart classes.
“Technology like robotics and automation is becoming integral part of many jobs and most of top jobs are being shaped by technology thus eradicating some old jobs and creating new one’s. Thus the class rooms have to be well equipped using technology and devices with human interaction ” said Ms Kaithoom AlBalooshi, Executive director, Education Development Authority, Dubai.

“The integrating technology in class rooms have a flip side also as most of the students engage with screens of tech toys for hours missing the real purpose of edtech toys to leverage and grow student thinking and learning ” said another expert .

“If teachers are not aware of what our kids are doing, then we’ve lost them, We know that our kids are gaming; we know that virtual reality’s going to be hitting social media and gaming and entertainment, If we’re not current for what’s going to happen with our kids, then we’re going to miss the mark and be way late in the process.” Said another expert running a chain of playschools in the country

“We really focus just on tech in the classroom and giving teachers the chance to learn some strategies to bring in the technology to make learning a little more relevant to their students. The world is changing, the workforce is changing, technology is changing, students are changing,” said MR Ravi Gupta, Managing Director, Elets, the main organiser of the summit

More than 300 Educational Experts from India and abroad took part in the World Education Summit and major IT and technology companies showcased their smart class technologies.