World Equanimity Day celebrated with eminent guests in Grand Auditorium of Satyug Darshan Vasundhara



Satyug Darshan Trust, Faridabad celebrated World Equanimity Day with great mirth and merriment. This was also the award-giving ceremony for students with ace performance in the 8th International Humanity Olympiad. The function was organized online and premiered on the YouTube channel of Humanity Development Club (HDC – organizing committee of this Olympiad). Thousands of Students, Parents, Teachers, Principals, and individuals from other walks of life attended the ceremony online with their family and friends.

The event was inaugurated by respected Sajjan Ji (Mentor – Satyug Darshan Trust Registered), Managing Trustee – Smt Reshma Gandhi and Chairperson of Satyug Darshan Sangeet Kala Kendra – Smt. Anupama Talwaar.


The event was graced by Mr Krishan Pal Gurjar – Minister of State for Power and Heavy Industries as Chief Guest. While Guest of Honor included eminent personalities like Mr Neeraj Sharma – MLA – NIT Faridabad, Dr. Muneesh Choudhary Maam – DEO Faridabad, Dr Ranpal Singh – Vice Chancellor for Choudhary Ranbir Sing University, Jind, Padamshree Ustad Gulfam Ahmed, Dr. Sunita Dube – Uttar Pradesh Ratna Awardee, Ms Neera Chandra – Kaushalacharya Awardee.


Addressing the audience, Sajjan Ji Mentor – Satyug Darshan Trust Registered emphasised that God is equivalent, and Equivalency is God. Equanimity – the sentiment of equity sprouts from Equivalency, and this leads to uniformity and equability. According to this – Equivalency is an indicator of staying equanimous in all situations. It was further further stated that an equanimous person, devoid of any discriminative intellect, perceives the entire world as one, and hence his mind, never being upset, stays impartial in all situations of joy or sorrow, win, or lose, honour or insult, profit, or loss and by maintaining the uniform conduct and behaviour in accord with gentlemanliness is considered even sighted. This implies that an equanimous person maintains peaceful tendencies and persistently, attentively, and selflessly treads the path of truth and righteousness. Therefore, devoid of any resolves – his thoughts and sentiments stay unaltered; in fact, in this equities’ state of mind, his thoughts stay attentive with attention towards enlightenment. As a result, upon self-realisation, he stands firmly on the thought of “God is my own self”, and he stays even sighted by witnessing immortal God in all mortal objects. There fore that focussed, detached individual easily attains equity of intellect by attaining self-knowledge. This apparent self-visualisation in mind leads to firm equivalency in his heart and all duality perishes, all worries dwindle away, and benevolence is effused in all practical aspects. In this way it was clarified that equanimity is the foundation to express the omniscience, omnipresence and all-mightiness of God. And the one who beholds this always experiences happiness and peace.


In the end, it was stated that equanimity is infallible resource to attain supreme happiness and anything which lacks equanimity gets destroyed. This is far off from defects of action, desire, creation, and destruction and is free from the shackles of selfishness, attachment and pride of religion, nationality, caste.


Therefore, considering the significance of distinguishing equity over the anomalies produced by mind during distress situation, optimise the development of soul and being one with steady intellect get free of vicious circle of life and death. Hence, understanding prevalent times, implement equanimity and even-sightedness without delay and enter Satyuga by staying steady on truth and righteousness.


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