World Medical Science is the result of Indian Knowledge System: Governor Lalji Tandon

Bhopal : Governor Shri Lalji Tandon said at the closing ceremony of the International Van Mela at Lal Parade ground today that the medical science of the world is a gift of Indian knowledge system. The creator of this was Dhanvantari Guru. The whole world has considered Sushruta as the Father of Surgery. He said that medical science was the service method in Indian culture. Unfortunately, it fell prey to marketism of the west. Forest Minister Shri Umang Singhar presided over the ceremony. Governor released the Herbal fair souvenir.

The Governor said that the Indian system of medicine was based on Nadi Tantra and Shwasan. Nadi Vaidya could diagnose the condition of the whole body without any equipments. The breathing process was controlled by yoga. He said that today the world has accepted the importance of Indian Yoga. The demand for Indian herbs is increasing internationally. The Governor said that better arrangements for marketing of forest produce and empowerment of forest dwellers along with protection of forests are necessary.

Shri Lalji Tandon said that Indian seers have clarified the methods for the use of medical knowledge. Bharatiya Vaidya Chikitsa believed that if a poor patient without money went without treatment from their door, all their knowledge would go waste. Based on this belief, Indian medicines were mainly divided into two groups -wood based and metal based. Wood based medicines were made from forest produce and were available free-of-cost. Metal based medicines were made from expensive stones and metals and had fast impact. Diseases were treated in both ways. Vaidyas would treat patients according to their financial condition. Shri Tandon called upon the physicians to make use of their knowledge to fulfill social responsibilities.

Rs 282 crore bonus to be distributed to Tendu Patta collectors

Forest Minister Shri Umang Singhar said that efforts are being made to conserve forests and wildlife in the state. He said that 11 lakh families of the state are getting employment from forests. The government is making efforts to ensure that the forest dwellers get fair price for their produce. He informed that bonus of Rs 282 crore will be distributed soon to Tendu Patta collectors.

Minister Shri Singhar said that efforts are being made to make Madhya Pradesh the number one state in medicinal products. A forest produce processing unit is being set up after forming a cluster of 200-300 families through Vandan Yojana. He said that the conservation of eco-system is the basis of a secure future of human life.

President of the State Small Forest Produce Association Shri Virendra Giri said that women have been made directors in one thousand 72 committees for the empowerment of women. Managing Director, Small Forest Produce Association, Shri S.K. Mandal greeted the guests. Shri Ramnarayan Sahu, Deputy Chairman of Small Forest Produce Association, Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Shri U. Prakasham and large number of herbal lovers and dignitaries were present.