World renowned fitness entrepreneur Jag Chima brings IFBB PRO, Arnold Classic Winner Branch Warren to visit Bengaluru for first time on 11th June


Bengaluru: Hammer Strength hitting hard at Bengaluru in association with Physique Global for a one day fitness workshop designed for fitness trainers on 11th June 2019. Hammer Strength Clinics is the energy packed informative seminar covering all the topics based on fitness and wellness.

Jag Chima, CEO & Co-Founder Physique Global and Kris Gethin Gyms Said “The attention and recognition that world class bodybuilders like Branch and Sangram get in India is magnified several times compared to the United States. Add to that the appreciation for the educational seminars and you get a give back energy of epic proportions”.

Hammer Strength Clinic is the perfect platform for professionals to build and strengthen their fitness knowledge from some of the top coaches around the world. Hammer Strength Clinic is one of its highly futuristic initiatives to get the ideas and techniques in strength and conditioning shared equally among the trainers of the world irrespective of their backgrounds.

Jag believed that “Today’s bodybuilders should take time to understand how it was and how it is today and really understand how much easier it is today with all the modern amenities available”.

Branch Warren, IFBB Pro, Arnold Classic Winner Said” People in Bengaluru! Now is the time to mark your presence for the biggest fitness event we’ve all been waiting for. I am coming to your city on 11th June and it’s going to be a great event.

He also added “The Indian people have given me a very warm welcome to their country. I have been to Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai and Raipur so far with several more cities left to visit. The best part of what I do is getting to travel the world and experiencing different cultures.”

Branch Warren set out on a solid and intense tour across 5 cities in India. The tour has been coordinated by Jag Chima a very avid and active health and fitness enthusiast, philanthropist, educator and entrepreneur in India. Jag along with

World renowned fitness entrepreneur Jag Chima, Branch Warren and Indian bodybuilding icon Sangram Chougule set out for the huge mission of spreading the education of health, fitness, nutrition, and supplementation across 5 cities of India including Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Raipur and Bengaluru.

Hammer strength has collaborated with Physique Global to provide quality education on some of the most essential topics pertaining to fitness. The Hammer Strength clinics began in 1992, when strength and conditioning coaches were finding their footing in professional and college athletics.

In the beginning, Hammer Strength Clinics traveled in a truck that made stops at notable high school athletic facilities. At each stop, athletes and coaches came together to share and refine their training programs, build and train athletes and foster coaching communities.

Now, fitness professionals including strength and conditioning coaches are an essential part of athletic programs at any level. And since many of those engaged in the first clinics have graduated to athletic success, they’ve continued to give back to these clinics: sharing lessons learned new training regimens and building the next generation of athletes.