World University of Design hosts ‘Art Talk’ to indulge students in a unique learning experience

Delhi: Art has immense effect on our daily lives and help us express what we are unable to say in words. The World University of Design (WUD) – India’s first and only University dedicated to education in the creative domain, follows a student-centric pedagogy that focuses on enhancing students’ learning by inviting eminent personalities from the industry to deliver an inspiring talk on an industry-relevant subject.

To create a better understanding around the stream of Art and foster creativity among the students, the School of Visual Arts at WUD organized an Art Talk on “Changing face of Indian Artist and their Presence Globally”. Organized at WUD Information Centre, Greater Kailash-1, the open talk show drew huge attention and was lauded from the well-known gallerists, Mr. Shaji Mathew, S.A.M Qazi; academicians and students from varied art colleges, having a knack towards visual art.

Aimed at apprising students about the changing global landscape of art, the talk was delivered by internationally renowned Indian Artist and Academician, Mr. Anando Moy Banerji. As part of the discussion, Mr. Banerji threw light on the possible opportunities available to students in terms of employment and scholarship. The interactive session provided the students with a perfect platform to understand how art can play a crucial role in enhancing their understanding of art and how it could provide ‘creative thinking’ in their work.

Mr. Anando Moy Banerji is a well-known Indian printmaker and Academician. He has been awarded with several awards and recognitions, such as the “Best Exhibit Award” and “Dedicated Teacher Award. He has worked on a diverse range of projects and has created astonishing masterpieces out of his work.

Addressing the Art Talk Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Vice-Chancellor, World University of Design said, “If we look at the current scenario, the world of art is undergoing a great transformation. The young creative minds need to have a fair idea and knowledge about the industry, how young students can explore opportunities globally and what is the right channel to do so. Therefore, we organize insightful sessions on a regular basis. These sessions encourage ‘critical-thinking’ and ‘out of the box thinking’ practice among the students with the vision of providing a platform where both traditional and non-traditional art forms can be cherished.”

Mr. S M Kulkarni, Dean, School of Visual Arts, WUD added, “WUD being the first and only university dedicated to creative education always strives to offer students with best opportunities with a constant push towards experimentation and innovation. We are pleased to have with us renowned personality Mr. Banerji who not only provided an informative session with the students about the art industry, but also provided them with new ways to nurture their creativity and ideas through colors. We hope that the session helped them form a fundamental idea about the industry.”