World University of Design prepares to fight against Covid 19

New Delhi. The current wave of Covid 19 has shaken up not just the nation but the entire globe. Viral variant being more powerful is an airborne mutant for which single cloth masks and ordinary masks give insufficient protection. Most masks do not fit around the nose causing people to either wear it below their nose or to keep adjusting them. To combat this mind boggling situation, World University of Design has come up with a new design that provides utmost safety along with the ease of functionality.

Seeing the rise in Covid cases, fashion faculty Prof. Umair Khan of World University of Design along with his students and some staff members have come up with a face mask that not just covers the nose, mouth and chin but envelops them snugly. The mask has a specially designed extension that’s the USP of the mask, as it follows the contours around the nose and covers it completely. This ensures that the vents around the nose are blocked offering extra protection preventing the air from outside to slip in. The second most important outcome of the design is that it does not allow vapours from the breath to be expelled out and fog up the spectacles thereby making it extremely functional for persons wearing glasses. Thirdly, the design makes the mask a very comfortable one to be worn for long hours without having the need to adjust it time and again as it follows the contours.

Since the mask is made to cover the face securely and for long hours, it can be deemed successful in the current scenario as it does not allow air to sneak in through any channel but the mask and it minimizes the spread of droplets (source control) when the wearer sneezes or coughs.


Made with two layers of simple cotton fabric, the mask took a week’s time to reach its final version after trials and feedback from volunteers. As he designed the mask in the fashion lab along with his students, Prof. Umair Khan says, “I used the humble cotton fabric which is very effective, however if a manufacturer likes he could use 2-layer cotton-silk mix or the 3-ply light weight nonwoven material used for surgical masks. The design has been developed mindfully to fit any average Indian face size which can also be extended in case of larger/broader face structures.”


World University of Design over the period of merely 3 years, has been coming up with substantial designs that are in compliance with the dream of Aatmnirbhar Bharat and the mask here is also one of them. Last year, this time they had shared the design of a PPE kit. The mask to fight the second wave of Covid 19, when manufactured will not cost more than Rs. 15-20/- and that is indeed a great way of serving one’s nation.


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