World University of Design presented ‘2022 Critics’ Choice Award’ to Prof. Paramjeet Singh on Thursday, April 21st, 2022 at AIFACS Gallery, New Delhi

World University of Design presented the ‘Critics’ Choice Award’ for 2022 to Senior Painter and Printmaker Prof. Paramjeet Singh (Ex-Chairman, AIFACS & Ex-Officiating Principal, College of Art, New Delhi) on Thursday, April 21st, 2022 at AIFACS Gallery, New Delhi.

Since their establishment World University of Design has ensured to empower and encourage the diverse range of performing artists in the country, across different languages, regions, cultures and genres. Through Critics’ Choice Awards for Performing Arts, the institute aims at honoring outstanding artistic contribution of established artists; it also provides opportunities to recognize new talent by showcasing their work in premier performance spaces and events in Delhi NCR. The award is a specially designed Trophy along with a certificate which WUD aims to bestow upon about 25 artists in the category of The Critic’s Choice Award annually.

Honoured and pleased by the gesture and appreciation shown to him by World University of DesignProf. Paramjeet Singh said, “So commendable that a university as young as World University of Design has created such a benchmark in such less time! I am not just overwhelmed with their gesture but am mighty impressed with the manner syllabi are designed and conducted by faculty members. Their quality of training and imparting practical knowledge is par excellence. I am honoured to be here today and I really hope that the students of this university avail the vast avenues that are offered to them and come out with flying colours benefitting the nation as a whole.

Identifying the potential of the Design Industry and the discipline, Dr. Sanjay Gupta (Vice Chancellor, World University of Design) has always yearned to recognise personalities who have motivated the field of visual arts and performing arts in their own unique way. On felicitation of Prof. Paramjeet Singh the Vice Chancellor stated, “I am overwhelmed to be here in the company of someone like Paramjeet Singh ji who has over the years helped artists to carve a path of their own. It is through his expertise that India has witnessed some amazing artworks in various prestigious galleries. Cradling talent and passing them into the world as matured artistes is a job of great responsibility and grit which Professor has done through the decades with profound sincerity. Presiding over India’s major art and cultural  network, he has brought Indians together through music, culture and folk. We are thrilled beyond words today.

School of Visual Arts, Prof Rajan Shripad Fulari said, “World is like a barren field holding opportunities for those who have the substance to tap them for carving a better tomorrow. All you need is a guiding light and Prof. Paramjeet Singh is that north stra that has guided the best of known names in the art and performance arts scene. His contribution in culling new talent and chiseling out diamonds from rocks is one of a kind. He is a true inspiration for our students and we are honoured to have him here.”

World University of Design is known for its contribution in the realm of arts, performing arts, design and creative fields marking its own distinctive niche in a span of three years. The university aims to ensure that young talent is recognized and nurtured in the country; it believes in igniting budding minds and channelizing them in the right and rewarding direction. Critics’ Choice Award is the brainchild of Dr. Sanjay Gupta (Vice Chancellor, World University of Design). It is just one of the many ways in which WUD is encouraging and promoting extraordinary artworks that substantiate the bigger purpose of art.

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