World University of Design presented Bulugu – “A Blue You” themed Fashion Show

World University of Design students herald a new era of fashion where minimalism and sustainability is the key. The runway show was organised by F^3 (Fashion Cube) – the club of edgy young students of Fashion Design, and held in the spacious foundation studio of university campus on Wednesday, March 30th, 2022. The show had special guests, a high-power delegation from AEPC led by Shri Rakesh Vaid, Former Chairman AEPC and Vice Chairman, ATDC.

F^3, the club of edgy young students of School of Fashion Design, WUD has come up with a quirky concept called Bulugu which means the colour blue in Telugu, and which will showcase out-of-the-box fashion concepts by young designers themed around ‘peppy blues’ and the ‘boho denims’. Draped in blue, the show will witness students sashaying down the runway with blue-painted faces inspiring the audiences to be awestruck with their creativity. The event aims at welcoming new opportunities and molding fashion as per the need of the hour – implying that fast fashion is not what it takes to stand out but making it in accordance with the planet and its depleting resources does.

Under the wing of Prof. Ambika Magotra (School of Fashion, World University of Design), the students have taken center stage and are geared up to showcase the ability of color blue to impart effects of calmness and quirk. Taking pride in what her students have put together in the form of a unique runway show, Prof. Ambika Magotra (School of Fashion, World University of Design) said, “Blue is the color of summer and also the colour of this generation that brings with it unending zeal and passion yet remain calm in their minds. The collection of meticulously styled clothing where denims bring with them the element of quirk and boho styling techniques like folding and draping bring the quiet, is perfect to bring out the emotion of GenZ as they strive to make a statement that exciting fashion trends can also be thrifting and minimalistic.


Looking forward to their first offline event after a lull due to the pandemic, Dr. Sanjay Gupta (Vice Chancellor, World University of Design) said, “I am enthralled to see what these energetic young minds have created out of a simple idea! Blue is the colour that never lets you down, it is soothing and never goes out of trend. Our students here have used this virtue to bring out a bigger picture; where fast fashion has picked up drastically in the last decade, it is also important to understand that there is only limited resource that can’t be expected to cater to that huge demand thus pointing out towards the need to go sustainable with fashion as well.


Extending avenues to enrich their skill set and imbibe from the vast plethora of knowledge base that World University of Design provides, the university also ensures that its students stay connected to their values and identify not just with opportunities ahead of them but also with the ethical ways of doing so. With Bulugu taking shape, the students are here to make a mark and communicate that there is more substance to them than just being Gen Z.

About World University of Design: World University of Design (WUD) is India’s first university dedicated to educating students in the creative domain. Seated in the heart of the educational hub of India – Rajiv Gandhi Education City, Sonipat, Haryana –WUD plays the role of a harbinger of a revolution in the education system in India. It is the torchbearer of breaking stereotypical educational patterns and has facilitated the shift of studies pertaining to design from being solely vocation-oriented to academic-oriented; thereby offering substantiated degrees (under section 2(f) and 22(l) of the UGC Act) to its students instead of mere diplomas and certificates.


Established in 2018, World University of Design is a young university offering a myriad of programmes at undergraduate, post graduate and doctoral levels across disciplines like Architecture, Design, Fashion, Communication, Visual arts, Performing Arts & Management. Equipped with the largest portfolio of design courses in India, the university offers a number of cutting edge programs in computers & design, transportation design, animation & game design, UI/UX, film & video, built environment & habitat studies, design management, art education, curatorial practice etc.

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