World University of Design presents CULT 2021 India’s only Virtual Inter- College Annual Design & Cultural Festival

New Delhi: World University of Design remains as the only university in India to have organized a virtual students’ fest during the pandemic last year, an organisational feat which they are repeating this year as well. The two-day Inter-College Annual Design & Cultural Festival hosts a myriad of competitive events that have been tailor-made so as to be online mode compatible for an exceptional engrossing experience. With cash prizes set for winner, first and second runner ups, Cult 2021 is chalked out for Friday, October 22nd and Saturday, October 23rd, 2021 and invites participation by undergraduate and graduate students from all across India.


Cult 2021 has been designed to spark up young talented minds and provide them with a platform to express their imagination in the form of art, design and architecture. Along with last year’s successful categories like Group Dance Competition, Virtual Jamming Sessions, Broadway Style Theatre, Solo Dance & Song Contests, Instrumental Music Competition, Short Film Genre, Mural Art Showcasing, exhibiting products made of upcycled materials, Caption Contest etc, new categories have been added like Slim Shady where a participant has to add music and creatively to a selected dialogue and make it look like a real piece of innovation!


The more design centric genres of competition are all the more impressive and invoke one to pull their socks up and keep running their flights of imagination. So to speak, this time around the festival is looking for out-of-the-box designs that are made to make lives of a common man even simpler in the BIO BEAM segment wherein students will be required to execute their mind’s imagination to create a masterpiece inspired by nature – air, water, land. Through World Building Competition participants will be expected to showcase their foremost 3D modeling skills and the most powerful aspect of art and design in their way of healing sore minds will be gauged through Conceptual Art wherein participants develop any concept which can be easily communicated to the audience in a two minutes video. Medium to communicate the concept can be any form of art like body art, photography, performance art, short film or make your own little corner of your house etc.


As WUD sashays into the Annual Students Festival, its ecstatic Vice Chancellor Dr. Sanjay Gupta says, “Thanks to last year’s overwhelming response to the virtual version of The Cult that we are able to organize yet another episode this year. A lot of design thinking and innovation has gone into the event redesign fortified with detailing, improvisation and numerous additions. We trust the grapevine effect and since the festival got highly popular amongst students in the country, we expect 2x students of colleges outside WUD to participate! Our deans and professors have mentored the students through the whole process resulting in this big bunch of young highly driven and enthusiastic participants.”


Being a young university, World University of Design is on a mission to provide world class experiential learning to its pupils. The institute believes in appointing the best and experienced faculty members, it is providing platforms to the students to hone their skill set and pave a better future and also opening horizons for them to gauge their potential and see how ready they are for the practical design world.


Through Cult 2021, it not just seeks to provide opportunities to students across India to be seen but also to learn from each other. Interested students can conveniently register themselves through WUD’s website via


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