World University Of Design Takes – A Definitive Step Towards Combating Pandemic Like Adversities


New Delhi: Corona pandemic is undoubtedly the worst manmade disaster to strike human population in over a century. The second wave of Covid 19 has not just created havoc across systems that hold civilizations together but has also urged one and all to not just think and ponder upon the situation, but also analyse various steps that could have been taken to prevent something disastrous as this from happening. The School of Architecture at World University of Design has taken a definitive step forward by designing a specialized 1-Year Post Graduate Diploma in “Disaster Resilient Planning & Design”.


The way the pandemic has panned out in the country despite India’s stringent efforts towards producing vaccines and distributing them, clearly talk volumes about how administration and our humungous population were caught off guard! This is an alarm of sorts to focus onto this emerging field of specialization in disaster management for architects, designers and engineers in India. This large-scale disaster which has engulfed the whole of India has lead to major financial losses and has seriously disrupted human activities. While the guidelines of NDMA were well in place, a concerted effort with well trained professionals in place would have protected human life and prevented the extreme damage.


This one-year diploma programme in “Disaster Resilient Planning & Design” is aimed at specifically developing skills and knowledge to critically analyse and apply key concepts in disaster management theory, research, policy, and practice, such as vulnerability, resilience, governance, disaster risk reduction and sustainable development. The University will give the students an opportunity to attain knowledge from an interdisciplinary team of professionals, drawing on ideas and methods in design, construction, geography, history, politics, development studies and arts. Through this programme students will be able to develop sufficient knowledge to apply planning & design skills and competencies to meet disaster management career demands with a mindset to withstand challenges that an unforeseen disaster must lash out with. The course will give a 360 approach to handling various aspects like projects and organisations that shape humanitarian, health, disaster management, conflict response and intervention issues across India.


While the course is open to any graduate, it is ideally suited for fresh architecture, planning or design graduates. On completing this unique programme, they will find a great way to contribute to humanity by being absorbed in government & non-government sectors with emergency services, relief groups, law enforcement departments and local authorities. Internationally, agencies like the United Nations appoint disaster management professionals at various ranks; also, across industries such professionals are much in demand.


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