World University of design unveiled the futuristic mobility solution for Indian scenario – The ‘Q Car’ at Auto Expo 2020


New Delhi: In India, metro cities are crowded because of unplanned situations, Indian driving behaviours, arbitrary parking and poor condition of public transports. Government needs to focus on having a plan to make things more organized on the road for the next generations. World University of Design (WUD) – India’s first and only University dedicated to education in the creative domain is attempting to solve some of these issues through the help of design and has come up with solutions to make the roads more drivable and organized through the integration of modern technologies in existing infrastructure.

The students of WUD along with their mentors have designed an autonomous car called “Q Car” which was inaugurated at Auto Expo 2020. Q Car- an autonomous car designed to focus on the futuristic mobility solution for Indian scenario. It is a two-seater car which has no engine and require no driver to drive the vehicle. It will also, provide the functionality of a car without having to own one, perfectly suited for a daily ride to work, schools, and colleges, provide safer transportation for children, women and elderly peoples. The name of the vehicle is inspired from design of the vehicle which is in shape of the letter Q and also by the way the vehicle will be put in operation – in a QUEUE i.e. when all these vehicles will drive on the road in an organized manner.

Speaking on the occasion Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Vice-Chancellor at World University of Design said-“We follows a student-centric pedagogy that focuses on enhancing students’ learning through hands-on industry experience, Auto Expo is one of the world’s premier auto shows where creative minds come together to showcase the best in the automotive world. We are delighted to be a part of Auto Expo 2020, a signature event where World University of design unveiled the futuristic mobility solution for Indian scenario – Q Car. The presentation is unique not only in terms of its concept but also being India’s first ever FULL-SCALE 3D-PRINTED model. The car is a Work in Progress of a mega project & it will take another few months before the final prototype to emerge but the School of Design is proud to showcase the 3D model of their autonomous concept vehicle at the “Auto Expo 2020”.

This is a great platform for the students to exhibit their creativity in terms of products, technologies, concepts and trends.”

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