‘World Water Day’ at Ahmadi School


Aligarh : Teachers and students of the Ahmadi School for the Visually Challenged, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) observed the ‘World Water Day’ on the theme ‘Groundwater: Making the Invisible Visible’ with awareness talks and brainstorming sessions.

On the occasion, Dr Naila Rashid (Principal) said: “Human activities and climate variability are rapidly increasing the pressure on groundwater resources—resulting in serious depletion and pollution problems. It is imperative to make people understand that it is high time to implement efficacious policies for preserving the groundwater”.

Sara Siddiqui (Physics teacher) spoke on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal for ensuring safe water and sanitation and called for collectively stopping the overuse, exploitation and wastage of water.

Eram Fatima conducted the programme and Class X students Aman Chaudhary and Preeti delivered speeches on ‘Ways to Conserve Water’.

The occasion was also observed at the National Service Scheme (NSS) Unit of the university—where Dr Arshad Husain (Programme Coordinator) delivered a talk on the importance of water conservation.

“Water is an important and essential part of every ecosystem on the planet, and when it is reduced, there are serious repercussions and consequences for human and animal life. When you conserve water, you ensure that there will be enough for people to use. Prudent and economic use of water makes a huge difference”, he said.

Mohd Naveed (Programme Officer) spoke on ‘groundwater preservation’.


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