World’s biggest problem is the world’s biggest business opportunity: Dr Peter H. Diamandis

New Delhi: Dr Peter H. Diamandis, Founder and Executive Chairman, XPRIZE Foundation and Executive Founder and Director, Singularity University, today said, “Education and healthcare are the two biggest industries that AI is going to transform.”

Addressing the virtual session ‘The Future is Now’, organized during FICCI’s 93rd Annual Convention, Dr Diamandis said that COVID-19 has brought in significant financial and health concerns. However, it is upon the entrepreneurs to identify the great problems and convert them into a business opportunity while making a world a better place.

Dr Diamandis highlighted that essentially there are 4 kinds of mindsets- exponential, abundance, longevity and moonshot that differentiate a visionary from the rest. He further elaborated that exponential mindset of a true visionary is the key assets for success.

Addressing the session, Dr Sangita Reddy, President, FICCI said that Peter’s knowledge on dematerializing, demonetizing, and democratizing and the whole abundance mindset is to create wealth and solve major global problems.

Appreciating Peter’s ability to create an impact, Dr Reddy stated that Dr Peter’s greatest gift is his ability to get people and organizations to think boldly and when they do so, abundance is created.

The session was attended by Entrepreneurs and CXO level decision makers who benefitted from the vast knowledge and experience of the man who believes that ‘the best way to predict the future is to create it yourself.’