Writer of the book ‘Tge Golden Bird 2.0’ Raina Singhwi Jain will be joining Kalinga Literary Festival’s virtual platform KLF Bhava Samvad on December 19

New Delhi: Writer and author of the book ‘Tge Golden Bird 2.0’ Raina Singhwi Jain will be joining Kalinga Literary Festival’s virtual platform KLF Bhava Samvad along with journalist Medha Shri Dahiya on December 19 at 5 pm.

Book ‘The Golden Bird 2.0’ draws from India’s rich past to take a fresh look at its potential for a glorious future—a second golden age, shaped by powerful public will, economic wherewithal, and the nation’s status as the world leader. What made ancient India the Golden Bird in the first place? What did China, the Land of the Dragon, have in common with India, and when did these two ancient civilizations diverge on their paths to global success? Raina Singhwi Jain discusses the immediate need and measures for a quantum jump in our attitude towards development. While conventional wisdom suggests improvements in manufacturing, the ease of doing business and digital technology, Jain goes a step further, drawing surprising parallels between other areas that beg our attention—process engineering, communication design, journalism, and education. This is a work of reflection and a call to action, urging Indian denizens to act now for a revival of the genius that lies dormant within each one of us.

Author Raina Singhwi was born in Pondicherry and spent her childhood in the port town of Thoothukudi (formerly “Tuticorin”). Raina’s parents hail from the blue city of Rajasthan and moved to Tuticorin before she was born. Growing up in Tamil Nadu was a living lesson for young Raina in embracing multiple worlds and cultural acceptance as the only way forward for any entrepreneurial, and more importantly, human endeavour. Raina polished her life skills with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and an MSc. in International Business from The Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, UK. She subsequently returned to the country and spent two years working at Google, Hyderabad. Eventually, the family business beckoned. Raina joined her father’s enterprise of dry flowers – Ramesh Flowers Pvt Ltd (now owned by the GALA Group, Germany).


Always a people’s person, Raina has been popular among the 3000+ staff at Ramesh Flowers. The rigorous hours spent on the floor of the factories became her training ground in Human Resources, Compliance, Manufacturing, Marketing, interpersonal relationships, and general business dynamics, leading to the 12 years she has spent honing the organisation.

Always one for a challenge Raina initiated, conceptualised and ran e-commerce brand, Maeva in India for the GALA Group and headed the India Sales. Maeva soon grew to be a widely recognised brand and has an enviable consumer presence among the predominantly B2B offerings of the parent organisation. Maeva has made luxury candles an essential in every household and continues to grow under her guidance.

Raina resides with her husband, son and parents-in-law in Bengaluru.

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