WUD’s Global Goals Jam to focus on finding innovative solutions for reducing the environmental impact of everyday packaging

New Delhi: The School of Management at World University of Design is all set to host their 5th Global Goals Jam – a global event that focuses on Sustainable Development Goals on Monday, September 20th, 2021. Teams of innovators and design professionals will be simultaneously working on the various SDGs across 80+ cities across the globe, leading to its name – Global Goals Jam. The programme is supported by Digital Society School – Amsterdam, UNDP and StartupIndia.


In this 2-day Design Thinking and Service Design Jam at WUD, professionals and students from all fields and affiliations will participate and contribute their ideas on the theme of “What should we do with the packaging that comes home every day?” Whilst acknowledging the indispensable presence of plastic and packaging across every segment that caters to a day to day routine in our lives, brainstorming sessions will be conducted to chisel out strategies and solutions to redesign/ reduce / recycle / reuse the packaging and the materials (papers / plastics/ etc) being used, and for closing the loop. Participants will be working on single specific products e.g : Food / pizza delivery box or addressing a whole category. Selected ideas and models submitted by participants will be put forth for Global implementation.


From past a couple of decades, the world has opened its eyes towards environmental havoc that man made products are creating, stringent steps have been taken up worldwide to minimize the use of plastics in the form of straws, cutlery, shopping bags etc but the material has positioned itself so significantly in our lives that one cannot imagine life without it! Especially the past two years have made people get back to plastic and level up the use of other packaging material because of hygiene and sanitation issues as well as convenience of not leaving the house.


Dean of School of Management Dr. Sanmitra Chitte says, “We have received a very good response in our past Global Goal Jams and we are excited to see the way applications for participation are flocking in! The topic is very crucial to discuss after all, and while one may feel what can they do to contribute, it is essential to each and every member of a household to think responsibly and pave the way towards a better and healthier planet.”


Dr. Sanjay Gupta (Vice Chancellor, World University of design) expressed his views, “Global Goals Jam at WUD has been firmly established on the annual calendar of innovation activities in India. This year our focus is on Regenerative Cities where we aim to create models for cities sustaining themselves without having to extract any further from natural resources. The way this event is structured, we get to talk more about sustainability across all segments and are able to spark awareness at the grassroot level.”


The webinar is open to all and any professional or student bearing ideas in line with the theme are welcome to share their ideas and contribute to formulating strategies in order to find effective solutions.