WUR launches label for spin-offs with WUR expertise

Spin-off companies that were founded on Wageningen expertise may now apply for a unique label. This label provides businesses with the opportunity to visually affiliate themselves with the well-known WUR-brand. Furthermore, it allows Wageningen University & Research (WUR) to demonstrate that Wageningen expertise flows into spin-offs.

Knowledge and research results often only become valuable when applied in practice. Therefore, WUR is actively committed to helping Wageningen expertise find its way into society. For example, by stimulating and supporting entrepreneurship and the creation of spin-offs by students, graduates and staff.

A gesture of recognition

The new spin-off label, which may be used by accredited WUR spin-offs in their general communications, visually expresses their affiliation to WUR. WUR director of Value Creation Sebastiaan Berendse: ‘We are proud of our spin-off businesses, and make the WUR spin-off label available to them as a gesture of recognition and as a mutual reinforcement of our collaboration and affiliation. We hope our spin-offs will use the label with an equal sense of pride.’

The value of the WUR spin-off label for emerging businesses is illustrated in a reaction from the Peek team. This company that developed an educational app to make fieldwork more fun and informative is the first to carry the label. ‘The acknowledgement of our business as a WUR spin-off is very important to us. Being permitted to carry the WUR spin-off label is a valuable gesture of recognition’, the Peek-team says. ‘With WUR as our development partner, we can show the market that we are a serious business. Although we are commercially independent, our collaboration with WUR remains of great value to us.’

Unambiguous agreements

Solid and unambiguous agreements are the foundation on which every spin-off that grows through WUR expertise is built. With new guidelines for the creation of a spin-off, WUR takes a crucial next step. The provision offers transparency regarding responsibilities and forms a solid basis for agreements on issues such as the use of Wageningen expertise and Intellectual Property. ‘We support spin-off entrepreneurs in their development towards a successful business’, says Berendse. ‘We do this through professional support during the spin-off process and by making clear agreements before the launch of the company. Thus, the spin-off is offered every opportunity to focus on its development and growth as an independent business once it has been founded.’

In this developmental stage, WUR and her partners also offer budding businesses support. In issues such as housing, use of facilities and capital, for example.

Businesses that have a spin-off relationship with WUR and wish to carry the spin-off label are invited to apply. More information is available on our website.