WUR-students show our food’s future in seven short films

Wageningen students take strides towards the future of our food through premiering seven short creative movies about tomorrow’s food system. In the Stinger dome, on the World Food Centre grounds in the heart of the Foodvalley region, students will travel into the future to the year 2030 and review ten years of nutrition. The event is to take place on 7 December.

In the ‘Future of Food Systems in short films’ assignment of the WUR Student Challenges, students explain how the production, processing and consumption of food have changed after the corona pandemic. They show how ten billion people across the globe can be provided with a healthy and sustainable diet after the pandemic. The most convincing film wins the jury award.

People at home are welcome to follow the event’s online live stream and vote for the audience award.
Our food is produced, processed, transported, sold and bought. These activities influence each other, as well as society and the environment. Consider, for example, the price of food, the farmers’ income, the impact on nature and water use. Across the globe, there are significant differences in access to food, the way people consume food, and how they assess the impact of their behaviour on the economy, environment, and society. The corona pandemic increases the need for healthy, safe, affordable and sustainably produced food—an excellent moment to look ahead.