WWF India and Red Panda launch “Birds in your Backyard and Beyond”- An easy handbook for birders in India

New Delhi: WWF-India and Red Panda launched “Birds in your Backyard and Beyond”- an easy handbook for aspiring birders in India on 12 February. Launched under the Nature Explorer initiative, a new programme of WWF India to encourage birding, the book provides tips on how to spot birds, clues on how to identify them, fun bird watching activities and worksheets to record sightings. Co-authored by Arthy Muthanna Singh, Mamta Nainy, and Kaustubh Srikanth, the book inspires one to become a responsible nature explorer and cool conservationist!

The book traces the adventures of Binee, who takes the readers on a magical journey to the world of birds and an amazing avian experience. With several chapters on migration patterns, doodling activities through which one can be familiar with morphology of a bird etc., the activity book is specially designed for beginners to help them learn, get closer to our feathered friends and also become an educator for their friends and peers. While designed for children, the book appeals also to adults. Filled with colourful illustrations and information, the book shares some interesting nuggets of information that can be of practical use to children like how to avoid baiting birds by feeding them. The character of Binee, the bird nerd, take readers on a birding journey, that is not textbook-ish or technical but informative at the same time.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Ravi Singh, Secretary General and CEO, WWF India said, “It gives me immense pleasure to launch a book co-authored by Kaustubh, our own naturalist at WWF India, alongside Arthy and Mamta. A book like this is a window to the world of birding and will help young people across the country start their own journey of discovering the amazing world of birds and their habits. I wish them the very best and I am sure the book will be thoroughly enjoyed by young and adult readers alike.”

Ms. Vidhi Barghava, Publisher, Red Panda said, “We are really excited to publish this absolutely brilliant book ‘Birds in Your Backyard and Beyond’, in association with WWF India. The book is a great resource not just for kids but all amateur birding enthusiasts. It combines the expertise of professional birder Kaustubh Srikanth with lively story telling by Arthy Muthanna Singh and Mamta Nainy. We hope to enthuse many readers and birders with this book.

WWF India’s Environment Education initiative- Nature Explorer Programme (NEP) is a unique network of budding nature enthusiasts for the age group of 6-18 years across India and encourages a participant to create groups, conduct trails and develop research studies under the mentorship of WWF India experts. The programme aims to create awareness and provide a platform that will motivate young minds to find solutions as individuals and as a community and live as true naturalists. The book also features its very own Nature Explorer card through which a participant can receive interesting nuggets on birds and have a chance to develop research projects.

The book was launched at the WWF India Auditorium by Mr. Ravi Singh, Secretary, CEO, WWF India, Mr Bikram Grewal, eminent ornithologist, VK Karthika, Publisher, Westland Amazon and the authors

The launch was followed by a meet and greet/book signing with the authors Arthy Muthanna Singh, Mamta Nainy and Kaustubh Srikanth. The book will be available for purchase at the event and in stores thereafter.

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