WWF-India launches its children’s book – Fascinating Friends in the Wild


New Delhi: WWF-India today launched it’s children book – Fascinating Friends in the Wild by Hema Badhwar Mehra, illustrated by Karam Rai Mehra. The book, written in rhyme, takes you on a fascinating quest, to the homes of animals, strange and wonderful, and finally gives them a place in the heart of each reader. This book, is the result of the author’s research to share with her own grandchildren about rare and endangered animals rare. Visually appealing to the segment of 4 to 8 year olds, the book is a fun ride with interesting illustrations that highlight the specific physical characteristics of each animal, accompanied by matching rhyme with descriptive information.

The book is intended not simply as an introduction to the common alphabet, but to the fact that the alphabet is much more than just A for Apple or B for Bear. It aims to take the young reader, or listener on a journey to explore the uncommon and discover the excitement that can come from learning that the world around them is inhabited not just by common every day animals and birds that they are familiar with, but also those that are unusual, different and enchanting in ways not yet discovered by them and to inculcate in them the hunger for learning and exploring.

“There is truly nothing like a new book, a book that makes you think, a book that opens up possibilities of adventure and unknown beings, a book that makes you stop, look up and say “Now why didn’t I think of that?” Or “hey I didn’t even know that was an animal!” … That’s the kind of book I like to read, it’s the kind of book that I like to find for my own kids and grandkids and it’s the kind of book that I always wanted to write. With my wildly Fascinating Friends, I hope I have done just that,” said Hema Badhwar Mehra , the author behind this facinating book.

The book was launched on 10th August 2018 at the WWF-India Auditorium by Indian Filmmaker Mr Mike Pandey, Ms. Hazel Siromoni, Managing Director of Maple Bear India, Author Hema Badhwar Mehra and Mr. Ravi Singh, Secretary and CEO, WWF-India, followed by a meet and greet/book signing with the author, Hema Badhwar Mehra. The book will be available for purchase at the event and in stores thereafter.

Speaking at the launch, Ms. Radhika Suri, Director Environment Education, WWF-India, “The children today belong to the digital age and never before was it so important to connect them with Nature. The natural world never fails to enchant and astound us. And this amazing book, ‘Fascinating Friends in the Wild’ is a parent’s ticket to take their child on a trip to the wilderness.”