Xebia partners with Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology (TIET) to build the next generation technology experts in the digital transformation space

New Delhi:  Xebia Academy Global, the Education Business unit of Xebia has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology (TIET), Patiala, to introduce specialisation for its computer science engineering students in the areas of software development and automation, Cloud Engineering and DevOps/for the academic session 2020-21. Under this collaboration, Xebia will support TIET as the Industry partner and help in curriculum design and development, creating study modules containing high-quality industry-specific content, and strengthening the faculty through building a team of competent educators with rigorous teach the educator programme. Apart from imparting industry-specific technical knowledge, Xebia will also facilitate the placement of graduating students.

With this partnership, Xebia Academy Global also introduces its unique state-of-the-art digital learning platform, Instruqt- A challenge-driven Learning platform. Designed with byte-sized learning content, Instruqt will help students learn in real-world scenarios with real technology and infrastructure. Through this learning platform, students will also be able to access the e-books and get live mentorship support from the Xebia experts and practitioners.

Prof. Prakash Gopalan, Director of TIET said, “We see this partnership as a step towards providing our students with better opportunities in their careers. Being a pioneer in engineering education, research, and innovation, and ranked 27th amongst top universities by the Ministry of HRD, we wanted to build a strong foundation for our students with the latest technology trends. This collaboration with Xebia is to strengthen our students’ capabilities and equip them with the knowledge of the latest technology to make them industry-ready. Xebia is a global enterprise, specialized in Digital Transformation and emerging technologies and therefore we believe our students will also benefit from Xebia’s knowledge and experience.”

Mr. Rituraaj Juneja, Chief Industry Engagement Officer (CIEO) of TIET added “Modern enterprises are looking to strengthen their IT capabilities with a workforce skilled in emerging technologies, and this has increased the demand for professionals who are proficient in new-age tools and systems – one such very strong emerging concept is Development Operations (DevOps).”

The course is designed for computer science engineering students specializing in Cloud and DevOps. It is one step towards upskilling the students for future employment opportunities. The curriculum comprises course materials (e-books), assignments, case studies, Industry projects and training sessions, and will be piloted under the specific guidelines and expertise of Xebia’ s DevOps practitioners along with the learned faculty from TIET.

With the emphasis on the purpose of collaboration, Mr. Anand Sahay, CEO of Xebia, said, “Our focus at Xebia has been to strengthen the industry-academic alliances and help improve employability in students by training them on emerging technologies. We have experienced the need for skilled manpower and are always looking for bright students who can join Xebia, upskill themselves and get industry-ready. Our collaboration with TIET only fortifies our belief in our course design and approach towards industry-specific training education. We aim to hire students from this programme, provide them internship and placement support to make them a part of our future workforce.”

Mr. Brijesh Kohli, Director of Xebia Academy Global added, “At Xebia we have been making constant strides to bridge the gap between education and employment. Our courses and partnerships are designed to enable universities, empower students, and develop faculty to build an industry-academia interface. Our career enhancement programmes create a competitive workforce ready to meet the current & futuristic challenges in the technology space.”

With businesses increasingly turning towards digital transformation, the future workforce will have to be equipped with the new emerging technologies to be able to land promising jobs and careers. This collaboration focuses on providing students with industry-specific education with experiential learning and real-time training. This is aimed to provide students at Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology (TIET) an opportunity to learn new-age skills and empower them to face the future with confidence.