XIM hosts a two Flagship Business Conclaves on 3rd October 2021

XIM Bhubaneswar hosted two of their annual business conclaves on 3rd October 2021.

Bhubaneswar:  XSYS – The Systems Association of XIMB hosted its flagship event Envision 2021 with the theme ‘Inclusive Growth in Environment 4.0 with AI and IoT’. Professor Sanjay Mohapatra, the moderator for the conclave, commenced the event with an introduction about the theme and laid the foundation for the panel discussion.
Eminent speakers of the event were Dr. Praveen Choudhary (Associate Director, HCL Technologies), Mr. Karthik Ramesh (Vice President, EMIDS), Mr. Soumya Banerjee (Research Lead of Marketing Transformation, TCS), and Mr. Ashwini Kumar Rath (Current Director and CEO of Batoi Systems). The speakers shared their insights on how digital transformation has evolved over the period of time with industries now considering the environment as a factor for business growth. Emphasis was laid upon fundamental goodwill, peace, and human values being the core of the digital transformation process. The speakers further talked about technology being at the core of inclusive growth. They concluded by providing insights into achieving sustainable, inclusive growth in industry 4.0 by collaborating our solutions with technological innovation and sustainable development.
The conclave concluded with a vote of thanks given by the student coordinator of XSYS, Mr. Srikrishna Pullabhottla.

Kickstart 2021, the annual entrepreneurship conclave was conducted by X-SEED, the Entrepreneurship Cell of XIMB. Professor Sanjay Mohapatra moderated the event, which had the theme “Partage D’Experience” meaning “Sharing of Experiences”.
Esteemed speakers of the event were Mr. Dhruvam Thaker (Founder and CEO, The SMART Taxi), Mr. Abhinav Aggarwal (Founder & CEO, Fluid AI), Mr. Rahul Jain (Founding Partner, Suparshva Swabs), and Mr. Varun Gupta (VP, Strategy & Operations, Groww India). The speakers shared their thoughts in length on the entrepreneurial struggle, importance of survivability, positioning, and thinking of the business sustainably in the long term by building connections through values. They further spoke about how collectiveness and collaboration are important, and the need for involving people with the same vision, mission, and values as yourself. Lastly, they elaborated on how innovation and learning from our adversities help to make the world a better place.
The conclave concluded with a vote of thanks given by the student coordinator of X-SEED, Ms. Salonee Agrawal.

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