XLRI’s flagship festivals, Ensemble and Valhalla to merge this year

Jamshedpur: Ensemble, the largest management fest in the country, and Valhalla, the extravagant celebration of sports and culture at XLRI will be coming together from the current academic year. The merger of the two would essentially combine the management, sports and cultural aspects of a professional’s life signifying a better work-life management, according to Shelly from Ensemble-Valhalla core team. The fest will now take place in the month of November.

Ensemble has a legacy of seventeen years and has been constantly delivering great events year on year. It hosted eminent speakers like the legendary cricketer Mr Syed Kirmani, India’s first woman commando trainer Seema Rao, and the famous Supreme Court lawyer Ramakant Gaur last year. It has been challenging the acumen of future managers in various management domains. Valhalla, on the other hand, has been testing ground for the sports enthusiasts and the talented artists from the best colleges of the country. It has been the most awaited event in past years especially among the Jamshedpur people. The ten kilometre long Jamshedpur run with participations from schools, colleges and corporates has been a unifying event for the entire city.

XLRI’s Ensemble and Valhalla has witnessed participations from top B-schools across the country and performances by renowned artists like Lucky Ali, Nikhil D’Souza, The Local train, Sorabh Pant, and Zakir Khan. The combined fest is expected to be a grand celebration of spirit and character encompassing the values of excellence and integrity of India’s oldest business management school.