XR Central Creates India’s First Metaverse Tribute Honoring Legendary Singer Lata Mangeshkar

An experience bringing the great singer’s legacy into the metaverse

GURGAON: The very first tribute metaverse experience in India to honour the late Shri Lata Mangeshkar, #Metatribute went live on 11th March 2022. XR Central hosted the experience on its powerful metaverse creating platform, MetaQube. The experience allowed people to have a unique audio-visual engagement with over 80 years of Lataji’s music, while being able to interact with friends and family in a radically different setting. XR Central – co-founded by Anshul Agarwal and Shrey Mishra – is rapidly expanding its footprint in the Metaverse and Web 3.0 spaces to enable individuals and organisations to be metaverse-equipped.

The experience was built using MetaQube, a metaverse builder powered by a gaming engine, enabling visitors to have a fast, seamless, and cross-device experience. Visitors will be able to select avatars, toggle between first person and third person views, and interact with friends and family in a beautiful, immersive virtual setting.

A circle of jukeboxes featuring music from over eight decades surrounded the space, with visitors being able to play different songs from different eras. Visitors interacted with other avatars using audio and video features, and even saw which songs other people were listening to. A holographic rendition of the nightingale herself occupied the center of the space.

The XR Central team has additionally come up with a unique interactive feature which will allow visitors to create their own melodies in the experience.

The #Metatribute experience features state-of-the-art spatial audio, which mimics the behaviour of sound waves in real-life environments. As avatars move away from each other, the sound of music and conversation will fade as well, forming a highly sophisticated audio component to the experience.

XR Central is renowned for its attention to detail and has developed metaverse experiences which are personal yet scalable, beautiful yet functional. This #Metatribute project is the team’s effort to honour one of the legends of the country. The metaverse event is free to attend, and accommodates a variety of devices and browsers, including mobiles and tablets. Visitors are welcome to invite friends and family and add a brand new dimension to their social life.

Anshul Agarwal, co-founder, XR Central, says: “We are really proud of what we have been able to achieve in this very special experience. In this Metaverse tribute, we are giving a very sophisticated yet mild immersive experience to the users to relive some of their favorite songs of the various eras of Lataji’s career. At XR Central, our mission is to democratize the way immersive experiences have been built, consumed and thought about.”

Shrey Mishra, Co-founder, XR Central, said, “MetaQube has the potential to change the way businesses and individuals have been operating, communicating and building. This experience is just one of the many million use cases of what the metaverse is capable of, especially if built using MetaQube”


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