Xtraliving Organises National Level Quiz Competition on Nutrition, Fitness and Sports in Association with Directorate of Sports , Maharashtra

New Delhi: Xtraliving Pvt Ltd, a leading Health Wellness & Fitness company, is organising a pan India competition in association with Directorate of Sports, Maharashtra. eNERGIZE-National Level Quiz Competition is based on Nutrition, Fitness and Sports. The primary objective is to encourage 4-17 years old students to develop healthy habits around movement, nutrition and recovery. There are 250 million students in 1.5 million schools in India, with the current pandemic, it is needless to say that kids’ health and immunity is of utmost importance to all of us.

The programme will run by engaging the kids in quiz competitions and fitness workshops. Participants will have to register on Xtraliving’s official website (itsxtralliving.com).

The programme objective is to teach students about the tremendous benefits of participation in sports and group fitness activities. It contributes a lot to children’s physical, academic, and emotional health as regular activities are proven to have a direct positive connection to a higher sense of self-esteem, mood, sleep, quality, and lesser a chance of depression and anxiety. So, besides impacting physical health, exercises also affect our mental health.

The competition will be conducted in 4 rounds in which quiz questions will be age-appropriate. The event will start on 2nd Jan 2021, and any school or student can participate in this round provided they enroll latest by 30th December. Based on the results in Round 1, the top 2500 students from each age group will be shortlisted, and in the fourth and final round, Top 50 students from each age group will compete for the final trophy.

The winning school/student from each age group will receive the winning trophy and the certificate with special appreciation from Directorate of Sports, Maharashtra.

Speaking about the competition, Om Prakash Bakoria, Commissioner of Sports Maharashtra says “Children form the backbone of our society, and the growth of a society rests upon its healthy citizens’ shoulders, it is crucial to inculcate healthy habits from a young age”.

Rishikesh Kumar, Founder & CEO of Xtraliving Pvt Ltd says, “Through this programme, we aim to make students aware of the importance of healthy habits of movement and nutrition and its role in future success. We look forward to the all-round development of young minds.”


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