XX Pedagogical Festival of Students

On April 27, at the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology of PetrSU, the second, final stage of the XX Pedagogical Festival of PetrSU Students was held, which was dedicated to the anniversary date – the 90th anniversary of higher pedagogical education in the Republic of Karelia.
The purpose of the festival is to strengthen the prestige of the teaching profession in the student environment, to develop students’ interest in the history of national pedagogy and the traditions of the national school in the Republic of Karelia. Welcoming speech to the participants of the festival was made by: R.E. Ermolenko, Director of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology, and N.N. Shevchenko, acting head Department of Theory and Methods of General and Vocational Education of the IPP.

More than 200 students from all institutes of Petrozavodsk State University in the direction of training “Pedagogical Education” took part in the festival, which was held in a face-to-face and distance format. 39 student projects in different genres were presented: digital educational resource, video; multimedia presentation; essay; a creative product related to pedagogical issues.

The festival was held in 2 stages: at the first stage, the organizing committee of the festival selected the best student works. At the second stage, the jury members evaluated the 14 best creative projects of students according to the developed criteria.

The participants of the event got acquainted with the history of the Karelian State Pedagogical Academy – the oldest pedagogical university of the Republic of Karelia (A. Rodnykh, IPP); modern educational resources Edutainment (M. Buturlina, A. Shirinova D. Pisareva, IF) and Soft Skills(F. Ivashkina, IIPSN, D. Burakova, IPP). Students emotionally perceived the video “Finally I became a teacher” (S. Kolesova, V. Vyakhireva, V. Yakovleva, N. Divakova, FTI) and a presentation-story about the pedagogical dynasty of A. Bluzhina (IIYa), the founder of which is her great-grandfather A.S. Ushakov is a history teacher and director of the Pudozh orphanage. In the video “Pros and cons of distance learning” students (E. Akimenko, D. Astakhova, M. Balakhonov, I. Zyatikov, E. Klenova T. Filippova, ILGiSN) presented the results of their small research.

The winners of the Pedagogical Festival are:

1st place: Karina Sukhova, Polina Hotareva and Konstantin Kuznetsov (Institute of Foreign Languages) for the developed quest game “In the labyrinth of pedagogy” (supervisor – N. A. Bogdanova, associate professor of the Department of Education and Science and Technology).

2nd place: Margarita Gerchina, Veronika Koretskaya, Sofya Aleksandrova, Valeria Shtanova (Institute of Foreign Languages) for the cartoon about the history of the Institute of Foreign Languages ​​(headed by N.A.Bogdanova).

3rd place: Vitaly Vaskin, Artyom Vandzhala, Vera Rementyeva (FTI) for the video “Teacher is the main profession on Earth” (supervisor – GM Yanyushkina, associate professor of the Department of the Institute of Education and Science).

The participants of the festival received positive emotions, discovered new facets of the teaching profession, strengthened inter-institutional partnerships, which should find their continuation in the future. Jury members E.S. Danilova, deputy director for educational work, Gymnasium No. 30, and N.А. Sokolinskaya, a teacher at the Petrozavodsk Presidential Cadet School, expressed the opinion that “these are the kind of creative teachers the school is waiting for today.”


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