Yamaha NTGP 2018 Winners Announced


Surajpur: With an aim to further enhance the skill sets of its technicians, spare parts managers and service advisors, India Yamaha Motor Pvt Ltd. (IYM) conducted the National Technician Grand Prix (NTGP) 2018 and National Parts Manager Grand Prix (NPGP) 2018 at the company’s Surajpur plant Yesterday. The competition aimed to develop superior technicians with an in-depth skill of troubleshooting and customer support.

The 9th edition of NTGP this year had witnessed participation from 2493 contestants nationally in the “technicians” category. In addition to it, another category of “Service Advisor” has been added to the NTGP in order to strengthen the delegation of roles at the dealership levels with an objective of creating “Kando” (i.e. a feeling of intense excitement and deep satisfaction) to Yamaha patrons, wherein 1130 contestants participated nationally for the year.

Yamaha had also introduced National Parts Manager Grand Prix (NPGP) competition since last year in order to judge the contestants’ skill sets in the areas of Spare Part distribution and management, Warehouse handling along with managing parts inventory. Under this category, 430 contestants have registered to win the coveted title for 2018.

In this one-of-its-kind contest that aims at firming the role of Customer Service Engagement, around 4000 contestants from all over India competed in their respective category. The NTGP contest is designed to judge the contestants’ skill sets in the areas of “Quality repair”, “Quick Repair” and “Economical Repair”, thus intensifying the commitment of Yamaha to provide amiable customer service. To judge the level of these skills, the contestants are tested in Trouble Shooting YDT V3.0, Repair, Final Inspection, Engine Noise, Vehicle Receiving and Delivery on actual two-wheelers with speed, accuracy and the skillsets to support customer services. The winners are decided on the basis of cumulative score earned in all of these test areas.

The winners for NTGP and NGNP 2018 in the Parts Manager category are Ramesh T, Souvik Dey and Vishal Saxena, Respectively. The winners for the service advisor category are Rajnish Kumar, Prabir Das and Ninad Tidake. Whereas, the winner for the Technician category are, Md Abid, Vijneshwaran M and Suhas Bharat Bhase.

The winning technician of NTGP will get a chance to participate in the World Technicians Grand Prix scheduled at Yamaha Motor Co. (YMC), Japan in the year 2020.

Mr. Ravinder Singh, Senior Vice President, Strategy & Planning, Yamaha Motor India Sales Pvt Ltd., said, “Yamaha is delighted to host another successful NTGP event at its Surajpur plant today. Abiding by Yamaha’s corporate mission to create ‘kando’, the brand enhances exciting experience not only for its loyalists but also the employees who have year-on-year out-numbered the participation at this event. Yamaha’s constant endeavour is to offer exciting product line up to the customers along with flawless after sales services. With titles like NPGP and service advisor, the brand reiterates its promise to provide world-class products and services without compromising on the learning and experiences it has gathered over the years.”

National Technician Grand Prix (NTGP) was first held in India in 2010 which received participation from 350 technicians. Yamaha has been conducting the National Technician Grand Prix every year ever since and has witnessed an increase in participation year on year (2011: 650 technicians, 2012: 850 technicians, 2013: 726 technicians, 2014: 932 technicians, 2015: 1385 technicians, 2016: 1877 technicians, 2017: 2243 technicians).

Yamaha has been keeping direction of “One to One Service” to realize Customer Satisfaction, focusing on professional technical skills, job explanation and special care treatment for customer. YTA (Yamaha Technical Academy) is its main education program functionary and is established worldwide through Yamaha Service Network in order to develop Professional technicians, in other words “Professional Technical Doctor”.