Yasasu sets a new model for decentralised biogas based waste to energy with Net Metering


New Delhi: South Delhi Municipal Corporation’s (SDMC) Punjabi Bagh decentralized waste processing biogas plant is the first plant to install net metering. Till now the net metering concept had been successfully implemented in rooftop solar, this is for the first time wherein a bio gas based decentralized waste to energy project is working on the same concept.

The concept of Net metering also known as net energy metering, started as a solar incentive that allows users to store energy in the electric grid. When solar panels produce more electricity than needed, that energy is sent to the grid in exchange for credits. Then, at night or other times when solar panels are under producing, one can pull energy from the grid and use these credits to offset the costs of that energy.

“Incorporation of Net-metering with our decentralized waste processing technology “Yasasu green” deployed at Punjabi Bagh and Pali Hill, Mumbai, projects gives us an edge, as it will help easy distribution of energy being produced from decentralized waste to energy plant. Earlier the corporations, gated communities or RWA, had to invest in additional infrastructure for using this power, but with the deployment of net metering at decentralized level, we have given a New hope for decentralized waste to energy plants and this shall increase the acceptability among people for the technology.

We are an organization that believes in waste management is a responsibility and achieve this by innovating and implementing technically, financially and environmental sustainable solutions. We would like to thank our clients and regional discoms for letting us implement a new model, this shows that we as stakeholders not only believe in implementing right solutions but promoting and accepting indigenous innovation in the waste sector,” said Mr. Yashas Bhand, CEO & Co-Founder, Yasasu EMS Pvt. Ltd., technology provider for Pali Hill and Delhi Project.

The 10 decentralized solid waste management projects would start functioning by month end. Each of these units would have the net metering process incorporated in them. Out of the 10 units, 4 units will be under South Delhi Municipal Corporation, 4 units will be under North Delhi Municipal Corporation and remaining 2 units will be under East Delhi Municipal Corporation.