Yellow Messenger rebrands to, launches next-gen AI-powered Voice bots for CX automation

Bangalore: (formerly known as Yellow Messenger), today launched a redesigned brand and an expanded product suite, focused on delivering ‘Total Customer Experience (CX) Automation’. As part of this move, launched Voice AI bots to its existing portfolio of chat automation solutions. Having enabled Conversational CX automation for 700+ global brands, offers enterprise-grade chat and voice bots, weaving in the best of AI and Human intelligence to deliver highly differentiated and elevated customer experience at a fraction of the current operational cost.

Brands can now hyper-automate customer experience, across 35+ channels like Telephony, Google Assistant, Alexa, Web, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Google Business Messages, Apple Business Chat, WeChat, LINE, Telegram etc., in 100+ languages.

For consumers, whether it is reaching out to a company on the Web, WhatsApp, dialing their call center or receiving proactive communication, they want a unified and personalized experience, based on their preferences and customer service history. 

The newly launched brand represents the company’s evolution to delivering a single platform to automate Total Customer Experience, throughout the consumer lifecycle. The launch of Voice AI is augmenting the company’s existing strengths of building high-accuracy chatbots with its proprietary and distinguished NLP engine, leveraged by 700+ enterprises in 30+ countries across Asia, the US, the Middle East, Europe, and Latin America.

Talking about the new product suite, Raghu Ravinutala, Co-founder and CEO, said, “The post pandemic world is moving towards touchless UI and ‘voice’ is playing a key role in enabling smarter brand-to-consumer engagement. Humanized interactive experiences in Voice AI are driving unbelievable value for businesses. At, we are dedicated to enabling human-like, engaging conversations with our conversational CX platform, which is the ultimate balance between human + AI capabilities. With a  powerful self-learning NLP engine, our sophisticated voice models are capable of understanding and responding in natural language on the basis of sentiment, language, dialect, and workflow across 35+ channels.”

Commenting on the rebrand, Vartika Verma, Global VP, Marketing, said, “In line with the platform growth aggressively moving towards automation first, across chat and voice, for our new identity, we wanted to retain our brand salience while disassociating from text-only connotation. Hence we retained yellow, dropped messenger, and added what is at the heart of our product – AI; hence” On the launch of Voice Bots, she further adds,With the growing demand for hyper-automation, adding Voice AI capabilities to’s conversational AI platform, was a natural course in order to deliver the promise of Total Customer Experience Automation. We believe brands leveraging our platform will be able to deliver moments of magic with personalized interactions, at scale, across touchpoints.” 

Two of India’s largest private banks and a state govt. Electricity Board, among others, are currently using’s voice bots for inbound and outbound customer service. Up to 65% support queries can be addressed and resolved by voice bots so that customer care teams can focus on critical issues.

Some of key features of’s Voice AI capabilities include:

  • Multichannel voice experience: Google Assistant, Alexa, Interactive Voice Response, and more

  • Enabling human-like conversations in over 100 languages like Hindi, Mandarin, English, Tamil, and more, accounting for variants, dialects, slang, and accents

  • Built-in personalization engines with a sentiment analyzer, intent understanding, contextual awareness and human agent transfer

  • Text-to-Speech (TTS) capabilities to support various emotions like happiness, empathy, and more

  • Continuous learning Speech-to-text (STT) engine to improve accuracy over time

  • An inclusive, unbiased, and empathetic approach towards CX across market segments


To mark the launch, is hosting a mega-event ‘Envision – Future of Voice AI’ on 22 June. This is a global thought-leadership event, featuring industry experts from Microsoft, Concentrix, VUX, Teleperformance and more, to deep dive into Voice AI and its role in conversational CX.


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