Yes Global Institute collaborates with Women Weaver Charitable Trust to raise funds for weavers


Mumbai:  This year Yes Global Institute, a division of Yes bank has partnered with Women Weaver Charitable Trust for a CSR activity which aims at supporting the weavers of India.

Under this partnership, Yes Global Institute is raising a crowdfunding campaign for the weavers of Madhya Pradesh.  The main objective of the initiative is to financially support the weavers while keeping the spirits of traditional art alive.

Commenting on the same Sally Holkar founder of Women Weaver said that, “It’s a pleasure to get such support from Yes Global Institute. This will definitely help the weaver women to create quality product that it’s always in demand”.

The initiative is an attempt to showcase the skills of these weavers, revitalizing lost techniques in order to introduce ultra-fine Khadi fabric with exquisite motifs back into the market. Through this initiative, Yes Global Institute resolved to support the campaign via Matching Donations*, in which the Bank/Institute matches every donation to the cause by giving an equal amount themselves.

With a goal amount of 15 lakhs, the campaign is gaining support from people all around the world.  Bollywood Actor and Ketto’s Co-Founder said that, “We are extremely happy to provide our platform for such a noble cause. Being a crowdfunding platform, we hope to raise maximum funds for this step”.