Yesterday a bad business, tomorrow a dream job?

Many young students and youngsters are thinking, and worrying, about the future. The world is at a breaking point and many feels that what was safe jobs and industries are no longer naturally safe in the future. One industry that has been strong for many years and even grown stronger during the corona pandemic is the online casino industry.

In the past casino business has been linked with dirty money, mafia, prostitution and unsafe employment. But the rise of online casinos and government licensing them has led to a great opportunity for young people who wants to work in a business that has a bright future with an opportunity to earn good money.

What can one work with?

Beside all usual administrations work and working in customers support there is a great demand for software developers and game developers, the customer security-department is always hard working and in need of skilled employees.

These areas all require highly educated persons with a personal interest in online gaming.

Jobs around the world

These jobs offer the opportunity to work all over the world, but mainly in the UK, Malta, Curacao and the USA. These are the countries that are biggest on issuing gambling licenses and/ or in the front of development in these areas. But you can also work in counties like Sweden and Romania as they have some smaller, but interesting, employers in this industry.

In India it is a growing market for various parts of the gambling industry, not just the customer support but also development and research. Read more:

Indian future in gambling online

Gambling online in India is not regulated at all and is therefore nor legal or illegal. If you want to get a better knowledge about online casino you learn a lot from different sites at the internet. But there are strong voices to regulate the market and to take control over licensing and taxes of the players. The gambling business, both the illegal market with dirty money and the legal one is estimated to have a turnover of over 60 billion US dollars per year and growing fast. And for the Indian government not to take control over that kind of money is unlikely.

Growing market in India

When and if the Indian government decides to start regulating the online casino and betting industry in India those who have made decisions to get into that industry are ahead. It is a huge opportunity for the well-educated students to get a really good job and to be first in line to get the top positions in their fields.

Where to study

There are many different colleges and universities around the world that have programs that can be useful in the prospectfully and bright future that the online casino business might offer.

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