YGLP 2021 will open for Indian Students from 1st February


The 2021 enrollment to the prestigious YGLP Global Leadership Program will open for Indian students from 1st February. For the very first time, the stringent criteria for picking up students from only nominated Schools & Colleges through a rigorous selection process have been waived off and the enrollment is now open to all students of ‘Qualified Countries’.

Since 2017, India has consistently found a place among the 24 ‘Qualifying Countries’ in Asia that represents nearly 47% of the total world population and more than one-third of the global economy.

Further, the minimum age requirement for enrollment to YGLP has been reduced from 13 to 10 years. Now any student from Grade 6 to Grade 12 can register for YGLP Junior and any student in college & university can register for YGLP Senior if their country has been listed as a ‘Qualifying Country’.

This is so because the YGLP Global Leadership Conferences & workshops are only held in Qualifying Countries. For this purpose, cities in qualifying countries are earmarked as ‘YGLP Host Cities’. A total 54 cities in the 24 qualifies countries in Asia has been designated as ‘YGLP Host City’ for the year 2021-22.

Now all students completing the year-long YGLP Global Leadership Program will be certified as ‘YGLP Alumni’. All ‘YGLP Alumni’ will have the option of applying to be certified as a YGLP Junior or Senior Fellow though YGLP Fellow Program. Those selected will proceed to Oxford for the 7-day YGLP Fellow Program and will be certified as YGLP Fellow at the YGLP convocation at University of Oxford.

YGLP is world’s first of its kind and the largest international leadership program for school and college students. Developed by Human Science Lab, London, the program nurtures young people into future global leaders.

YGLP is an outcome of a decade-long world-leading research on human intelligence, motivation, learning, leadership and human excellence at the Human Science Lab, London, with support from a consortium of transnational organizations and foundations.

The YGLP Global Leadership Program is delivered through specially created proprietary resource materials & YGLP Leadership Workshops held in host cities. The YGLP program is completed over one year.

YGLP was first launched at University of Oxford in January 2016. It was subsequently launched at University of Cambridge, Stanford University, LSE and several other Ivy League and Russell Group universities.

YGLP is administered in 44 countries and 2 SARs of the Asian continent as YGLP ASIA by the Asia Council, Tokyo, in association with Human Science Lab, London, and YGLP Authority, Oxford.

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