Yocket plans to expand its team by 300 employees by the end of 2021


● Yocket aims at expanding the team in different verticals such as Marketing, Sales, Product, Software Development, and to name a few.

● Yocket plans to hire 120 brilliant minds within the first quarter of FY2021

● Yocket to hire 1,000 employees within the next 3 years.

Mumbai: Yocket, a Mumbai-based Edu-tech company providing a one-stop solution for students planning to study abroad announced that it plans to expand its team size by 300 employees in 2021 as a part of its recruitment drive.


Out of the 300 employees, the company plans to hire 120 talented minds by the end of 2021 first quarters (FY 21-22). The rest of the hiring will be committed by the end of 2021. Yocket intends to expand its team in multiple domains including Marketing, Sales, Product, Software Development, Business Development and others. The company aims at hiring 1,000 employees by the next 3 years.


Speaking about the expansion activities, the Co-founder of Yocket, Mr Tumul Buch says, “Yocket is investing its time and money in the acquisition of the best talent in India to assist the students in overcoming the distress of the pandemic. On basis of the exponential study abroad market growth, we believe that the addition of talented minds in our company will take us to the next level. We also believe our services to get a boost by hiring and we’ll be able to serve more than 10,00,000 students”.


“Even in the pandemic, we were able to help young aspirants visit other countries and we continued to strengthen our base by adding new users to the platforms. With constant support by the team, we have helped more than 4,00,000 students achieve a place in schools and universities of their dreams”, he further added.


The company concentrates on solving the problem faced by students due to the pandemic. Therefore, Yocket believes in hiring employees from diverse cultures and backgrounds. This particular step is considered to help the young minds coming from across states. Also, the employees will be able to recognize the industry from different angles and have learning amongst each other.


Yocket has always wished to bring onboard employees who have a creative approach toward the profession. And also hire those who would disrupt the study abroad industry and bring in growth to the business.


With the current team of 100 employees, the company wants to look forward to revolutionizing the study abroad sector and grow its team more dynamically.


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