Yocket to Organize Virtual Meet-Up to help Undergraduate Students Study Abroad


Mumbai: India’s biggest online portal & one-stop solution for students looking to study abroad, Yocket has taken the initiative to hold a one-day long study abroad virtual meetup to support plan undergraduates Bachelor’s degrees overseas on 19th March 2021.

The virtual meetup foregathers 40+ universities from the US, UK, France and New Zealand, providing a detailed interactive session with the university representative. Yocket is also providing the students with a pool full of answers regarding advantages of studying abroad after 12th, job & internship opportunities, ways to bag scholarships, the expenses involved in studying abroad and education loans.

The main objective of this 7th virtual meetup is students will get to network with their dream universities via 1:1 sessions with the university spokesperson. Besides, the students will get the opportunity to have their profiles evaluated with universities as well.

The purpose of this event is to bring together a wide range of industry stalwarts who can share their expertise and experience. On the other hand, the numerous universities gathering from around the globe will share and can collect useful insights. In addition, students have a wonderful chance to learn more about higher education, STEM education, study abroad programs, etc.


Sumeet Jain, Co-founder and higher education expert at Yocket, said, “The situation for foreign students was quite complicated the previous year. Therefore, with the virtual meeting facility, anyone from any part of the world can join us and get well acquainted. This also prevents social distancing and other measures from getting breached.

The initiative sounds ideal to get students and experts to come together and link through virtual sessions to solve a host of queries. Yocket believes in educating the students to tackle the challenges of higher and abroad education that lies ahead of them”.


A magnificent number of renowned colleges across the globe will be taking part in this virtual graduation meet-up. A few of the universities are Central Michigan University, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Arkansas University, Southampton University, North Texas University, and even others are in the line-up. Students will get to network with associates, universities, financial advisors. More than 4,000+ students are expected to participate.


Students can register for the event through the provided link: