Yoga Classes At Home | Rise In Online Yoga Classes During The Pandemic

India is regarded as the yoga capital of the world; the whole world looks at India as the birth place of yoga. “Stay Fit, Stay Healthy” mantra has been all over the internet ever since the start of the pandemic, with people searching Google for the best ways to keep themselves fit and healthy while working from home or staying at home during the confinement.

In March 2020, the director of the World Health organisation (WHO) stated that Yoga is the best way to maintain our physical and mental health during the covid-19 pandemic. That’s the beauty of yoga, it is the panacea for all sorts of physical ailments and a relief from mental pressure that we all find ourselves during these testing times.

The term “Pandemic Yoga” has been on the rise since June 2020; people searching for “How to stay healthy during the confinement?” often find themselves reading about the benefits of practicing yoga at home.

So, what does yoga do for your body that other exercises do not offer? The answer is simple, yoga aligns mental health with physical well-being, it connects the body to the mind. When the body is in sync with your mind, you will feel connected to the deepest parts of yourself. Yoga is a psychological trick to bridge the gap between mental wellness and physical well-being.

Yoga has emerged as a preventive measure in the current COVID-19 situation which has propagated people to find online yoga classes across India.  People are now turning to online teaching platforms and YouTube tutorials to learn and acquire knowledge about the basics of yoga.

It is clear now that the benefits of yoga intersect with a boost in immunity, at this point, we all must focus on learning things that will aid and benefit our immune system.

What Is Pandemic Yoga? Why has it become so popular overnight?

Pandemic Yoga is the term coined by social media as the new wave of learning yoga during the pandemic. Combining different forms of yoga together in order to answer the questions your body asks.

Every form of yoga has different benefits for your body, it is important to do it right. That’s where online classes are required for new beginners.

With the United Nations declaring June 21st as the World Yoga day, a lot of people can now see that India is finally reclaiming yoga.
Understanding different types of Yoga:

The art of Yoga is an ancient Indian tradition, it’s not just about physical moksha (liberation) but also about mental and spiritual peace.

Yoga is a science; it is based on some principles. These are called Yoga Sutras which were introduced by Patanjali, a sage in ancient India. In total, there are 196 Yoga Sutras and every Yoga teacher should know about them.

A person’s spirituality also has a profound impact on how they believe in yoga. So, all the different kinds of yoga have a special relationship with the human body.

Here’s a guide to the different types of Yoga:

Hatha Yoga

Hatha comes from a Sanskrit word which means “stubborn”, which is the practice of asanas, pranayama, dharana, and dhyana to achieve the state of peace.

There are lot of yoga gurus that will teach you Hatha yoga in India, this form teaches you about self-control and balance.  If you are new to yoga, this is where you must start begin your journey.

Iyengar Yoga:

Iyengar yoga is a bit different from Hatha Yoga, this style of yoga is mostly about precision. It cultivates strength and stability.

Most of the exercises target your core body strength which aims to improve your balance and posture.

If you are new to yoga and wish to increase and enhance your body strength, this yoga is clearly the style you must learn.


Iyengar Yoga requires precision, whereas vinyasa is slightly different, it requires more control and is the best work out for people trying to lose weight.

This type yoga depending on the yoga teacher (guru) can be vigorous and can help you sweat it out. It is another style of yoga which can benefit you not only physically but also help you improve your movements.

Ashtanga Yoga:

If you are looking to gain control over your mind and body, then this is the form you must look towards practising. This is widely considered as the toughest form of yoga and also extremely difficult to master.

Traditionally, this type of yoga is supposed to be practiced six times in a week, which means if you are new to yoga, this would not be the best option to start with.

Rise In Online Yoga Classes | How To Learn Yoga Online?

Since Yoga is an exercise of the mind and body, it needs to be practiced holistically. In India, you will find a plethora of Yoga teachers and gurus. But the key is to find the right one who has all the required knowledge of this exercise.

Online teaching has become the new form of learning and teaching, with yoga predominately an Indian tradition, you will find a lot of yoga teachers offering classes online.

Everyone is unique and requires a certain level of expertise from their teachers, it is very important to know what your body requires before you join any yoga classes. Choose a teacher who you feel will provide you explanations of every asana and give you detailed clarifications regarding every exercise that you do, as its important to understand what you wish to learn from your yoga teacher.

Superprof India has gathered a list of the most amazing yoga instructors from all across the country. You will all of them on this portal and learn yoga from them as per your convenience.

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How it works?

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