Yoga Day – 2021 in Andaman & Nicobar Islands: The Administration finalises advance plans for public participation

New Delhi: International Day of Yoga (IDY) – 2021 will see a series of activities in the Andaman-Nicobar Islands which are expected to inspire the public to adopt Yoga in a big way, even as the UT administration proceeds with caution in the matter in light of the threat of the pandemic.

In the run-up to the 7th IDY which falls on 21st June 2021, the UT Administration has decided to take forward the momentum created by International Day of Yoga observations inpreceding years. The UT administration is keen on involving people from all walks of life in this year’s activities. The UT’s action plan for the 7th IDY is already finalised, and is in line with the activities organized during the previous year. All IDY activities will be held in a Covid-19 compliant manner.

Mass Yoga Demonstrations will be organized at the prominent locations based on Common Yoga Protocol (CYP). Suitable Panchayat Halls, Community Halls, School Halls etc. will be utilised as per feasibility.The prevailing COVID-19 Guidelines of GoIwill be strictly followed in all the three District of the UT. The events at each location may be overseen by the Senior Level Officers i.e. Secretary/ HOD/ other suitable officers of the UT Administration in collaboration with the line departments. Yoga experts will be invited to guide the participants.

It has been decided that awareness activities will be taken up at least for a month prior to IDY-2021 across the UT for mobilizing increased public participation in the 7thIDY subject to prevailing Covid-19 Guidelines. These proposed activities include:

Awareness/ Yoga Rally
Drawing/ Elocution/ Essay/ Speech/ Poster Competition for School/ College Students and General Public
Seminars/ Workshops on Yoga.
Musical and Cultural programme on yoga.
Mini Exhibition on Yoga.
Yoga Awareness/ Multidisciplinary Health Camp.
Awareness programme on Yoga for school students.
Health Talk on Yoga etc.

It is expected that these systematic efforts will lead to Yoga finding an enduring place in the public health sphere in the islands. Further, the increasing public interest arising out of IDY is expected to add to the Yoga infrastructure in Andaman-Nicobar islands, and give a fillip to Yoga Tourism also.