‘Yoga’ is the only path for ‘Universal Brotherhood’

Mumbai : On the occasion of the 100 years foundation day celebration of ‘Santacruz Yoga Institute, Mumbai’, Sh. Shripad Naik, Hon’ble Minister of AYUSH, Govt. of India, was the Chief Guest, who said, “Everyone should practice yoga everyday for better health which can solve all problems, it is the only path to create universal brotherhood, Yoga is now become International and each year we are celebrating the ‘International Day of Yoga’ on 21st June because of our Hon’ble Prime Minister, Sh Narendra Modi. We are really very grateful to the ‘Rishis and Munnis’ of our country for whom, now we are able to share this knowledge among the world people to keep everyone fit and energetic. He also praised the founder of ‘Santacruz Yoga Institute’, Sh. Yogendraji, Mrs. Hanshaji and team for creating thousands of Yoga teacher’s to enhance the knowledge among all. ”
Mrs. Poonam Mahajan, Hon’ble M.P., Govt. of India, National President of , Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha, said, ‘today is the day for all of us to take oath towards practicing yoga each day for good health and she also thanked Mrs Hanshaji for her dedication, hard work and motivation towards the Yoga Institute.”
“I can’t forget the hardships in Mumbai, only the regular practice of yoga and meditation helped me to achieve the doctoral degree”, said, Dr. Bijay kumar Maharana, National Youth Awardee, Yoga, Dept. of Youth affairs and Sports, Govt. of India and organizing free yoga training sessions to the Central Govt. staffs and their family through GKK, DOPT, Govt. of India, New Delhi.
During the occasion along with ‘Patanjali Yoga Samiti, Mumbai’ thousands of Yoga teachers has participated to make the program a grand success.