Yoga & Spirituality Retreat at Bali for people across the Globe

New Delhi: Grand Master Akshar was invited to Bali to bestow the philosophy and practices of yoga, Himalayas, and spirituality. This annual retreat trains people from around the world on the principles of growth, success and positivity. The participants flew in from various countries across the globe such as -Europe, USA, UK, Switzerland, Australia, Taiwan, and Malaysia etc. and bonded together by one common purpose- to evolve themselves. The event called ‘I am Creator’ was a 5-day spiritual retreat, the brainchild of Master Sri Akarshana.

The attendees engaged for duration of 10 hours each day in asanas, Pranayama, special meditation techniques, manifestation practices, Kirtans, Bhajans and chanting. The physical practice included basic to advance level asanas such as Santolanasana, Chaturanga Dandasana, Naukasana, Shirshasana etc. Pratibimbha Dhyan, Super Power Meditation techniques along with Anulom Vilom, Bhastrika and Kapal Bhathi were some of the meditation and Pranayama methods that were experienced. Grand Master’s training program also included an interactive Q&A session where people shared success stories about their experience of transformation.

Grand Master Akshar said, “If you go towards fire, you are sure to experience the heat from it”. Similarly, if it is transformation that you seek, you must move towards the source of knowledge. With events such as Journey of Himalayas (Himachal Pradesh), and Spiritual Ocean (Goa) lined up for the coming year, Grand Master heartily invited all to India.

Master level yoga teacher Rebecca from India believes that we can make the planet powerful and spiritual; her experience was productive. According to Jane, an entrepreneur from Taiwan stated that the event opened up her thinking and belief towards spirituality. When the blocks were removed, she understood the dynamics of energy and how it flowed towards those who were receptive. For Jane, learning the importance of sincerity was her key take away from this event.

Grand Master Akshar concluded by portraying the essence of the retreat in these two lines, he said, “A Master knows every move of yours, but he stays neutral. This is because the ultimate goal is the growth of the spirit”. He laid emphasis on maintaining a positive nature in front of the Master.