Yonsei University: Agreement with IBM for Establishment of the Quantum Computing Center

On July 15, Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea, signed an agreement with IBM Korea to build the “Yonsei-IBM Quantum Computing Center.” With the signing, South Korea will have the world’s fifth IBM Quantum Computing Center after the United States, Germany, Japan, and Canada, while Yonsei University and IBM will start construction of the “Yonsei-IBM Quantum Computing Center” at the Yonsei Science Park (YSP) on the International Campus in Songdo, Incheon, to operate from 2024.

Since Yonsei University signed an MOU with IBM in October 2021, it has held various related activities, such as holding the “Quantum Symposium” in February 2022 online and offline to expand the quantum computing ecosystem and promote collaboration with leading domestic companies, universities, and information research institutes. As the university’s understanding of quantum computing technology enhanced, the promotion of the contract was accelerated.

Quantum computers use quantum mechanical phenomena to process data and calculate problems that supercomputers cannot solve in difficulties such as simulation of natural phenomena or complex data processing. Quantum computing is a next-generation technology that can bring breakthroughs to various industries and fields, including finance, energy, chemistry, material science, and machine learning. Yonsei University will host IBM’s latest quantum computer specification, “127-Qubit (Eagle Processor) IBM Quantum System One,” to create synergy with the top-level medical network and research personnel of Yonsei University.

“Quantum computing is a promising technology that can bring important developments in various industries, and it will play a pivotal role in solving various social problems that have not been solved so far,” President Seoung Hwan Suh of Yonsei University emphasized at the signing ceremony, “It is significant that Yonsei University has taken the first step in introducing high-tech technologies, especially IBM’s latest 127-Qubit (Eagle Processor) quantum system in Korea after signing an MOU last year.”

Under the contract, Yonsei University will promote quantum industry and research, develop software to utilize quantum computing, make efforts to win orders for quantum computer operations, and train talent for future quantum expert education based on IBM’s quantum computing technology. In particular, Yonsei is expected to become a domestic quantum hub in Korea by establishing the IBM Quantum Computing Center, contributing to creating an ecosystem of quantum computing industries that encompasses the “industry-university-institute-hospital-government” collaboration.