Youngest Indian Origin Student of Silicon Valley Picked up for Path Breaking ‘Air Computing ’™ Research

New Delhi: NCR Delhi based Global Research firm ‘5 Jewels Research’ has picked up a 14 year young Indian Origin, Silicon Valley California based STEM Student Ujjawal Prasad as key researcher for its path breaking ‘Air Computing’™ Research. Ujjawal is currently attending his STEM education at American High School, Fremont, California, USA. Ujjawal has keen interest and understanding of the present and emerging Computing Technology, and with his selection for ‘Air Computing’ research work, he has become one of the Youngest Indian Origin Techie following the footprints of Tech. stalwarts like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, who started as Techies as early as during their high school days.

Early this year, ‘5 Jewels Research’ announced its research program for researching and innovating upon yet to be developed ‘Air Computing’ Technology which shall revolutionize how computing is getting done today. Objective of ‘Air Computing’™ research program is to evolve an alternate futuristic computing technology which goes beyond today’s fast saturating Silicon Chip based computing technology and also to explore beyond emerging options of Quantum Computing Technology.


“During Covid-19 lock down across the World digital divide has become more eminent and particularly impacting to those who are below poverty line as they don’t have digital resources like computing and mobile devices to remain digitally connected to the World during the lock down period. Hence it gives us more compelling reason for fostering our research work on ‘Air Computing’™ for enabling ‘Computing Anywhere’ and ‘Computing for All’ to make computing resources available to the have nots also, hence reducing the present digital divide”. – Chief Analyst of ‘5 Jewels Research Mr Sumant Parimal said.

“Research on ‘Air Computing’™ has objective to make computing and digital resources available by using ‘Air’ as computing medium rather than present day costly silicon chip-based computing Tech., which has such a huge affordability issues and in turn created a digital divide among the global population” – Mr Sumant Parimal further added.

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