YOUNIQ Introducing Precision Medicine

Hyderabad  : Youniq is first of a kind Aesthetic, plastic surgery ,and precision medicine Center, with a philosophy deeply rooted in providing an individualized treatment plan to elevate the beauty and health inside out. We help you maximize your aesthetic outcomes and optimize your health and wellness goals. Our goal is to transform and make people healthier inside out giving them the best of both worlds under one roof.

Dr. Thanuja Mannava is a board-certified plastic surgeon dedicated to providing beautiful, natural-looking results for women and men seeking cosmetic enhancement and/or reconstructive care.

From surgical procedures like liposuction , hair transplant & mommy makeovers to non-surgical treatments such as injectables and dermal fillers. Dr. Thanuja is passionate about helping patients achieve their aesthetic goals through the least invasive means possible—always prioritizing safety, comfort, and efficacy.

Dr Thanuja continues to feel inspired, humbled & very privileged to be a member of the plastic & aesthetic surgery community, and continues to be finest female plastic surgeon

Dr Samatha Tulla is an Internal Medicine Specialist & diabetologist, with an MD in Internal Medicine & Fellowship in Diabetes Mellitus(RLA,UK). Dr Samatha Also received specialised training in precision ,IV nutrition ,BHRT and anti ageing medicine from Metabolic medicine Institute(A4m ,USA).member of American academy of anti aging medicine institute.

As a precision medicine specialist she looks into individual diet , sleep habits ,lifestyle,gut health ,metabolic health,nutritional status and family genetics to get to the root cause of illness and designs holistic individual treatment plans which are uniquely customised to a person’s needs, in contrast to one size fits all.”

Dr Samatha specialises in medical weight management, Gut health , Nutrition Corrections , metabolic health , preventive health, chronic lifestyle disorders , Diabetes .


We are surgeons & internal medicine physicians who are all board certified, fellowship trained & uniquely skilled. With our team of highly skilled plastic & cosmetic surgeon, precision medicine & anti-aging specialist, psychologists & nutritionists & health coaches, we deliver state-of-the-art solutions for best aesthetic outcomes, optimised health , longevity and improved vitality.



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