Youth In Action: a window to UNESCO’s Engagement with the Youth

India is home to the largest youth population in the world. This uniqueness presents significant opportunities for social change.

The recently launched United Nations Strategy on Youth, “Youth 2030” recognizes that to optimally harness youth potential, skill and asset building in the youth is of paramount importance. To this end, UNESCO’s work with youth is guided by its Operational Strategy on Youth 2014–2021. This approach recognizes youth as partners for development and peace and provides a roadmap for developing youth potential.

UNESCO is committed to work with youth as partners and not only beneficiaries. In this sense, the UNESCO New Delhi continually works towards engaging with young women and men in unique and creative ways throughout its programmes and areas of action.

Youth in Action with UNESCO” captures some of these stories.  Across our mandate in education, the sciences, culture, and communication and information, UNESCO spaces are revealed as a catalyst for youth engagement and action.

As the old English adage goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. To communicate the importance of youth engagement for social change, the catalogue was also converted into a permanent exhibition, adding color and liveliness to the UNESCO House in New Delhi.